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“I had a dream I needed to fulfill, a desire to express myself in bright colors.”

The Artistic Odyssey of Margaux Ysebaert

Margaux Ysebaert first saw the light of day in Belgium in 1990. From her earliest years, she was enraptured by the diverse world of art and painting, an affection that grew more profound with time. Her predilection for art was cultivated through her numerous visits to various art exhibitions in Europe, a passion that she shared with her father.

Her admiration for artists, however, was not uniform; she harbored a distinct fascination for the works of Wassily Kandinsky, whose paintings managed to ensnare her interest above all others. The famed painter’s assertion, “Color is a power which directly influences the soul,” became a mantra that informed much of Ysebaert’s own artistic philosophy and style.

Margaux Ysebaert’s artistic journey was not confined to her native continent, rather, it spanned across the globe. She embarked on a transformative artistic experience in Montreal, studying under the tutelage of an inspiring Canadian painter. Furthermore, she expanded her artistic horizons in Brussels, where she had the opportunity to learn from an Argentinian maestro.

Ysebaert’s enduring love for art and painting, however, traces back to a formative period during her middle school years in Kentucky. This passion has since become a driving force behind her work, imbuing her artistic endeavors with a fervor that is deeply personal and reflective of her journey as an artist.

Margaux Ysebaert                                                                             Get over it, 80x60cm

Exploring the Colors and Textures of Margaux Ysebaert’s Art

The seeds of Margaux Ysebaert’s artistic inspiration were sown both in the United States and Belgium, under the careful guidance of her mentors. The vivid dream of self-expression through resplendent colors that had long resonated within her began to take concrete shape one fateful day last year. In that pivotal moment, Ysebaert resolved to venture boldly into the world of painting, with a deep-seated aspiration to evoke profound emotions and kindle palpable sentiments within the hearts of observers.

Ysebaert’s work is predominantly characterized by her affinity for acrylic paint, yet she is not confined to a single medium. Her enthusiasm for mixed media art is a testament to her exploratory spirit. There is a tangible sense of delight in the way she dabbles with a variety of materials, from the gentle gradients of soft and oil pastels, the bold lines of acrylic markers, and the textured strokes of poster paint, to the edgy spritzes of spray paint and the tangible dimensionality provided by modelling paste. To Ysebaert, the element of texture holds an intrinsic significance, its depth and variation adding another layer to her artistic narrative.

Stegosaurus, 80x80cm                                                                 Revelation, 60x60cm

Margaux Ysebaert: Where Abstract Dreams Take Shape

Margaux Ysebaert’s artistic style defies conventional categorization, often plunging into the surreal realm of synesthesia. Among her primary influences are maestros of the calibre of Wassily Kandinsky, Robert Delauney, and Joan Miro, whose impact is visible in the innovative synergies she draws from modern structures. With painting deeply entrenched in Ysebaert’s genetic fabric, her artwork is not just an extension of her identity, but also a tribute to artists across the globe.

Ysebaert’s canvas becomes a conduit to her inner universe, a place where she disengages from the tangible and delves into the abstract. Drawing inspiration from the organic beauty of nature, and the dynamism of shapes and colors, her creations mirror the rhythmic tapestry of the world.

The harmonic symphony of music serves as a prerequisite for Ysebaert’s creative process, along with the tranquility needed to allow her ideas to bloom on the canvas. Armed with paint, brushes, and an assortment of eclectic tools, she indulges in her craft, ceaselessly experimenting with new mediums. When immersed in her work, the Belgian artist is entirely focused, barely conscious of external distractions. Each brushstroke embodies a piece of Ysebaert’s soul, transforming the canvas into a reflection of her immersive artistic journey.

Rude morning, 80x60cm                                                 Crazy milkshake, 60×60 cm

Revelation: Unveiling Margaux Ysebaert’s Artistic Personality

When considering the body of work produced by Margaux Ysebaert, the piece titled “Revelation” holds a particularly profound significance. It serves as a tangible reflection of Ysebaert’s unfettered curiosity and fervor for exploring unfamiliar territories and cultures. Indeed, this work encapsulates the very essence of her artistic personality.

Ysebaert’s future ambitions include forging collaborative partnerships with fellow abstract painters. Her vision is to amalgamate different artistic sensibilities and thereby enrich the global tapestry of abstract art. Furthermore, she holds a fervent aspiration to present these collaborative creations in exhibitions across the globe. The prospect of outdoor exhibitions, in particular, sparks a notable degree of enthusiasm within her; it signifies the intersection of her art with the dynamic and unpredictable rhythms of the natural world.

Just fly, 50×70 cm

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