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“Having creativity in my life is something I have always felt is very important for me, its as much a release for me as it is a need.”

Embarking on a Creative Journey: The Genesis of Aitken’s Artistic Endeavors

The tale of Marcus Aitken, a visionary artist nested in the vibrant surroundings of South London, harmoniously intertwines with the robust threads of creativity from an early age. Enveloped by imaginative vigor since childhood, the artist once candidly conveyed to his mother, at the tender age of 9, his ambitions: to embrace the life of either a rockstar or an artist. Although the melodies of the rockstar career gently simmer in the background, the compelling urge and liberating catharsis discovered within the creative process ardently guided him towards the latter.

Aitken didn’t plunge into the artistry with a palette and brush in hand right away. His initial dalliance with the art world was intricately woven through curating and showcasing the works of others, offering a unique perspective into the myriad ways of artistic expression. Through his role as an art consultant, Marcus gleaned invaluable insights, particularly from his engagements with other artists. These experiences and interactions not only bolstered his confidence but also sculpted his distinctive pathway into the realm of painting, weaving a narrative both rich and inspiring.

Navigating Through Abstract Horizons: The Dynamic Inspirations and Fluidity in Workspace

Marcus harbors a penchant for abstract expressionism, crafting canvases where each stroke is subtly dictated by the rhythmic pulsations of music, his perpetual muse. His inspirations, while continuously evolving, always dance harmoniously with the tunes that fill his workspace, guiding the motion of his brush and the colors that cascade onto his canvas. Furthermore, Aitken is enchanted by the notion of reimagining materials and surfaces, gently breathing into them a new narrative, a new life which is delicately illustrated through his work.

The artist’s workspace is an entity devoid of definitive anchors, revealing an enviable adaptability in his craft. Having fluidly transitioned between various studios, participated in numerous residencies, and engaged in live paintings, Aitken has proven the malleability and robustness of his artistry. While certain preferences in brushes and paints are acknowledged, an absence of stringent attachments allows his art to blossom through varied mediums and environments, ensuring that each piece embodies a spirit of exploration and dynamic creativity.

The Artistic Conundrum: Embracing Distractions and Musical Muse in Creation

For Marcus Aitken, distractions weave an intriguing tapestry into his artistic methodology, acting not as hurdles but curious, sometimes vital, components of the creative process. Procrastination and contemplation intermingle, spawning a canvas where each pause and ponder can either elevate or potentially tether a piece, thereby crafting a journey that is, undeniably, exhilaratingly precarious. This duality injects an unscripted thrill into each piece, offering an unpredictable yet riveting adventure through every stroke and hue.

The echoes of musical bands, especially the distinct and unpredictable sounds of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, cascade profoundly through Aitken’s work, subtly mirroring the trajectory he envisions for his creations. Their unbridled, audacious tunes reflect a path that the artist seeks to emulate within his own oeuvre. A transition in preferred mediums has seen Marcus move from a partiality towards oil paints to an affection for acrylics, primarily propelled by his penchant for swift, expressive execution, without forsaking the myriad benefits that this medium renders.

Visionary Expeditions: Layering Mediums and Dreaming of Immersive Experiences

The methodology employed by Aitken often threads through the layered tapestry of various materials such as canvas, paper, or wood, which he masterfully adorns with subsequent painting to conjure diverse and tantalizing finishes. This technique not only augments depth and texture to his work but also serves to mesmerize the spectator, inviting them to delve deeper into the intricacies and subtleties encapsulated within each piece.

In the vaults of Marcus’s imaginative reservoir dwell numerous unfulfilled project ideas, each holding its own allure and potential. One vision that resonates with particular passion involves the transformation of a stark, blank white room into an immersive artwork. Aitken aspires to paint every conceivable inch of this space, metamorphosing it into a living exhibition that invites viewers to literally step inside his art, thereby crafting a spectacle that is both uniquely captivating and indelibly imprinted upon the visitor’s memory. This conceptual endeavor embodies the artist’s perpetual quest to create experiences that transcend traditional artistic boundaries, inviting the observer into a world entirely shaped by his hands.

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