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“For me, color is a boundless realm to explore. I engage with colors intuitively, constantly seeking out unexpected and bold combinations that captivate the senses and invite viewers to perceive the world in new ways.”

The Genesis of an Artistic Spirit

The story of Lesley Grainger‘s artistic odyssey began in childhood, shaped by an early encounter with paint and canvas. At five years old, an Easter visit from her Aunt Marilyn marked a pivotal moment in Grainger’s life. She received her first set of paint, paper, and brushes, igniting a lifelong passion for art. This event was so transformative that she vividly recalls announcing to her father, an engineer with a pragmatic outlook, her dream of becoming an artist. Despite his logical caution about the financial challenges of a career, Grainger’s resolve remained unshaken. Her father’s words, far from deterring her, only deepened her determination to pursue her calling in art.

Lesley’s journey through the arts wasn’t a straight path but a winding exploration of self and medium. Initially, she ventured into graphic design, a three-year self-taught endeavor that ultimately led her to realize it wasn’t her true passion. This revelation prompted a significant shift in her career trajectory, leading her back to academia to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in illustration. However, it was during her tenure as an illustrator that Grainger discovered her true love in abstract painting, a medium that offered her a more personal and fulfilling mode of expression. This realization marked the beginning of a new chapter in her life.

Lesley Grainger: Evolving Through Abstraction

Lesley Grainger’s artistic style is deeply rooted in abstraction, a testament to her experimental and intuitive creative process. For Grainger, art is an exploration of the self, a journey marked by raw, honest expression. Her work, characterized by bold colors and unexpected combinations, invites viewers into a world of vibrant sensory experiences. Grainger’s abstract paintings are not just visual feasts but narratives woven from the threads of her life experiences and emotions.

Central to Lesley Grainger’s art is her relationship with color. To her, color represents a limitless landscape of possibilities, a realm where she engages intuitively, constantly seeking out bold and unexpected combinations. This approach to color is reflective of her overall philosophy – one that is grounded in exploration and experimentation. She often works on unstretched canvas, a choice that allows her the freedom to layer and build her pieces using a diverse array of mediums, including paint, collage, spray paint, pencil, and markers. Each piece she creates is not just a standalone artwork but part of a larger, ongoing narrative.

The Story of ‘Beauty From The Broken’

“Beauty From The Broken” is more than just a painting for Lesley Grainger; it represents a significant milestone in her artistic and personal journey. This piece began as a challenge, a 48×48” canvas that initially failed to capture the essence of Grainger’s vision. Frustrated and beset by self-doubt, she made a drastic decision to slash the painting, relegating it to a spot beside the trash cans outside her studio. For a year, the canvas withstood the elements, a silent witness to the passage of time and the changes in weather. It was Grainger’s son who saw potential in this abandoned work, encouraging her to revisit and revive the piece.

This act of rediscovery transformed Grainger’s approach to the canvas. She began to see beauty in its imperfections and scars, viewing them as elements of a new narrative rather than marks of failure. The process of reconstructing “Beauty From The Broken” became a months-long journey of meticulous work, each layer of paint and collage adding depth and meaning. The completed artwork stands as a testament to resilience and transformation. It symbolizes the ability to find beauty and hope in the midst of brokenness and despair. The painting, now cherished by Grainger, offers viewers a message of rebirth and joy, a visual representation of life’s ability to turn adversity into art.

Lesley Grainger: The Sanctuary of Creation

The physical space in which Lesley Grainger creates her art is as integral to her process as the medium and style she chooses. Nestled in San Juan Capistrano, California, her art studio is a haven of creativity, a sacred space where she can immerse herself in her artistic endeavors. Over time, Grainger has evolved her approach to time spent in her studio. What was once an endless span of hours has become more deliberate and purposeful, a reflection of the growing demands on her schedule. This shift in approach has not diminished her productivity; rather, it has honed her focus, allowing her to channel her energies more effectively into her art.

In her studio, Lesley Grainger sets clear boundaries to guard against distractions. When she enters her creative domain, she is fully engaged in the artistic process, effectively shutting out the outside world. This discipline creates a focused environment where Grainger can channel her full attention into her painting. It’s within these walls that she finds an unbreakable concentration, using her studio as a conduit for her creativity, ensuring that her time there is spent wholly in the pursuit of expression.

Lesley Grainger: The Philosophy of Faith and Authenticity

Lesley Grainger’s biggest artistic influence is deeply personal and spiritual. Rooted in her Christian faith, Grainger draws inspiration from her own spiritual journey and the belief that creativity is a divine gift. This internal wellspring of creativity is further enriched by her personal experiences and emotions, making her art a true reflection of her unique perspective, thoughts, and feelings. Unlike many artists who may cite historical or contemporary figures as influences, Grainger’s artistry is driven by an inner creativity that she attributes to a divine spark.

For Grainger, her faith and her art are inextricably linked, each informing and enriching the other. She views her creativity as a reflection of God’s creativity, a belief that deeply influences her approach to art. This spiritual dimension adds a profound depth to her work, making each piece not just a visual experience but an expression of her faith and inner journey. It’s this unique blend of personal inspiration and spiritual reflection that fuels Grainger’s artistic journey, allowing her to create works that are not only visually striking but also deeply meaningful and authentic to her vision.

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