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“My evocative abstract style aims to stimulate the viewer and evoke feelings through texturally rich and rhythmically gestured oil paintings.”

Evocative Abstract: The Art of Larissa Eremeeva

Larissa Eremeeva is an artist who has dedicated a significant portion of her life to the creation of captivating works of art. Specializing in the medium of oil paint, Eremeeva has developed a unique style which she refers to as “evocative abstract.” This style, honed over the course of six years, blends elements of abstraction and emotion to create pieces that are both visually stunning and thought-provoking.

Eremeeva’s diverse background, which includes time spent in Russia, the Netherlands, Belgium, New York, and Italy, has shaped her perception of the world in profound ways. Her time in the Netherlands, with its often rainy and gray landscapes, inspired her to create works that evoke a sense of somberness. In contrast, her experience in the US saw her address prevalent issues such as gun violence and the Black Lives Matter movement, resulting in figurative works that reflect these important themes.

Currently residing in Abruzzo, Italy, Eremeeva’s work is now infused with the brilliant hues and stunning natural beauty of her surroundings. Her pieces are inspired by the sun-drenched olive groves, towering mountains, and rolling vineyards, as well as the mesmerizing Adriatic Sea.

Emotions through Evocative Abstract Art

Larissa Eremeeva employs a multilayered approach to painting, utilizing oil on canvas as her primary medium and incorporating various supplementary materials such as sand, charcoal, and graphite. Admired for her preference for expansive canvases, Eremeeva’s artistic focus revolves around the utilization of emotion as a means of conveying her imaginative concepts. Her body of work is characterized by a texturally rich aesthetic and a rhythmic composition, achieved through the deployment of purposeful gestures and mark making techniques. Eremeeva’s artistic vision is to create pieces that are evocative and abstract, inspiring the viewer to contemplate their own emotions, memories, and perceptions. The artist refers to her style as “evocative abstract” and carefully curates the titles of her works, with the intention of inciting the viewer’s curiosity and encouraging a deeper examination of the piece.

Larissa Eremeeva finds herself consistently entranced by the intricacies of her surroundings. The multitude of colors, including the lush olive groves with their olive-green and grey hues, the sandy-pink buildings, and the mist-covered mountain landscapes that showcase a fusion of yellow and blue, serve as a source of constant inspiration. The shapes and forms, be it the towering electricity pylons, the serpentine mountain roads, or the quaint village churches perched atop rolling hills, only add to the tapestry of her imagination. Furthermore, the various silences that pervade a small Italian country town contribute to her creative musings. Poets like Pessoa and writers like Proust, who have explored the marvel of simply “being” and memories more vivid than reality, have left a lasting impact on her artistic inclinations. Esteemed artists such as Marlene Dumas, Gerhard Richter, Peter Doig, and Egon Schiele have also made a profound impact on her creative expression.

The Creative Process of Larissa Eremeeva

When Eremeeva is in the throes of creating, even the most delightful of activities can be seen as a disruption. Her friends and family know that when she is in the flow, there is no time or energy left for a social life.

The place in which Eremeeva works and the process by which she creates are also sources of inspiration. Her studio, housed in the grand drawing room of a palazzo in Abruzzo, serves as a haven for her artistic pursuits. She begins each day at the crack of dawn, as early as 4 am, with two cups of cappuccino, savoring the sunrise across the valley and allowing the ever-changing vista to steer her thoughts and shape her work for the day. The sunrise, reminiscent of the landscapes of Morandi, often serves as a touchstone for her creative direction.

Larissa Eremeeva is a creative mind who embraces the contradictions inherent in her work. She believes that art serves as a mirror to life, reflecting the complexities and intricacies that exist within the human experience. Prior to her relocation to Italy from the United States, Eremeeva’s artistic pursuits were centered around figurative works that sought to capture the nuances of human behavior. However, the combination of her return to Europe and a shift in her personal circumstances inspired a more introspective approach, leading to the development of her signature style of “evocative abstraction.”

A Boundless Imagination and the Ongoing Creative Pursuit

Eremeeva’s art is a testament to her constant evolution as a creative force. She is not content to merely repeat what has worked in the past, but instead, she embraces the limitless possibilities that art has to offer. Her boundless imagination and unwavering desire to push boundaries make her an artist who is forever in motion, ever-evolving and always exploring the depths of her craft.

Larissa Eremeeva proudly cites the series “Sifted Light” as a body of work that holds a special place in her heart. The series was created during a winter characterized by abundant snowfall, the muted hues of the surrounding landscape perfectly aligning with her contemplative state of mind. It is evident that the external manifestation of her emotions in this series is a reflection of her innermost feelings.

For Eremeeva, the definition of a dream project extends beyond simply completing a single work. Rather, her dream project encompasses the ongoing pursuit of artistic growth and evolution. She strives to avoid a formulaic approach to her craft, eager to maintain a process of continual development, sometimes characterized by marked advancements, at other times a gradual evolution.

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