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“I started painting after my mum died when I was 14 years old as a way to make me happy and help me heal. This is why my paintings are so joyful!”

A Vibrant Force in the Art Scene: The Artistry of Kirsten Jackson

Dispelling the cliche of the pretentious, angst-ridden artist, Kirsten Jackson emerges as a refreshingly distinct figure in the art scene. An Australian dynamo, Jackson exudes an independence that seeps into every vibrant brushstroke, her vivid and exuberant creations serving as an antidote to the grey monotony of the everyday world.

Her artistry took root during her teenage years, sprouting as a tender sapling when she was merely 14. Born from the depths of personal loss, her art became her sanctuary following the passing of her mother. Each canvas Jackson touches transforms into a testament of her journey towards solace, a reflection of her healing. Her work, suffused with joy and a vibrancy that is innately her, serves as a beacon, inviting others to partake in the blissful reprieve it offers.

The pivot towards professionalism in artistry was a conscious choice made by Jackson when her children were mere toddlers. A return to the corporate sphere was less appealing than the promise of the artist’s studio. Opting to step fully into the realm of the full-time artist, she crafted a life that merged work and home. This decision was not solely a professional one, but also a deeply personal commitment to strike a balance between her role as a mother and her pursuit of passion.

Working from home, Jackson has found a unique freedom that a traditional office setting could not offer. She has successfully blended her familial obligations with her fervent dedication to art, nurturing her children as diligently as she nurtures each artistic piece. Each decision, each stroke of color, serves as a testament to her resolve to live life on her terms, celebrating her passion, and cherishing her family simultaneously. Kirsten Jackson’s journey is not just an artistic endeavor but also a testament to the harmony of purpose and passion.

The Evolution of Kirsten Jackson’s Expressionism

In the realm of Expressionism, the artistic prowess of Kirsten Jackson comes to the fore. Her maiden collection, which goes by the name of “Faces,” encompasses figurative portraits of a significant figure in her life: her late mother. Jackson deeply believes in the spiritual presence of her mother as a guiding force, leading her ever forward into the expansive field of visual arts.

While Jackson’s artistic journey has traversed various stages, her current artistic production captures an absorbing interplay of texture, colour, light, and space. Yet, the essence of her early work— the portraiture —unexpectedly emerges within these contemporary pieces. The echoes of these initial undertakings weave themselves subtly into the fabric of her current creations, establishing an intriguing and enriching connection between past and present.

One of the core elements that define Jackson’s oeuvre is her calculated use of brush strokes to construct textured layers. The artist’s technique infuses these layers with palpable emotion through the strategic deployment of rich, vibrant hues. These colours, beyond merely visual spectacle, function as tangible bearers of light. Jackson’s process, in its characteristic evolution, builds upon itself progressively, becoming more complex and intricate. This methodical approach gradually amasses into an artistic crescendo, culminating in a visually enchanting tableau that is as emotionally resonant as it is aesthetically compelling.

From the poignancy of her early portraits to the dynamic, textured wonderlands of her current work, Kirsten Jackson’s art embodies an ever-evolving dialogue between the artist, her past, and her deep-seated passion for the exploration of visual elements. Thus, she continues to produce creations that captivate the senses, while also compelling the audience to engage in an introspective exploration of emotion and memory.

Beyond Visual Spectacle: The Technique of Kirsten Jackson

Immersed in a rich tapestry of artistic expression, Kirsten Jackson delights in exploring a myriad of art mediums. Yet she openly confesses to an aversion for oils – their protracted drying time proving an irksome challenge for her more time-conscious disposition.

A luminary that resonates deeply with Jackson’s aesthetic sensibilities is none other than Ken Done. This renowned artist claims a distinctive position in Jackson’s pantheon of artistic inspiration, anointed as her most cherished influencer.

Painting, in the world of Kirsten Jackson, transcends the realm of simple visual representation; it becomes a vehicle for contemplative introspection, a catalyst for tranquility. Art, for her, transforms into a conduit of creative catharsis, offering solace amidst the solitude of her studio, where nothing but the harmonious dialogue between canvas and paint exist.

The artwork that emanates from Jackson’s atelier is imbued with an infectious exuberance, eliciting joy from the spectator while simultaneously rewarding the artist with a profound sense of accomplishment. This joyous energy is a testament to her intimate relationship with each piece she creates.

Interestingly, Jackson’s creative process extends beyond the confines of her studio. Nearly completed artworks often find their way into her domestic setting, where the artist continues to engage with them for several weeks. In this setting, a unique rapport unfolds between Jackson and her work, a silent dialogue that continues until she reaches a state of absolute satisfaction with the piece’s culmination. It is through this unyielding commitment and dedication to her art that Kirsten Jackson truly embodies the spirit of the artist, finding peace, joy, and satisfaction in every brushstroke.

Kirsten Jackson: Art as a Conduit of Joy and Tranquility

Ensconced within the haven of her studio, Kirsten Jackson engages in a rhythmic dance of solitude and sound. At times, the tranquil hush of silence acts as the solitary chorus to her creativity, while at others, the harmonious strains of music serve as a trusted companion. Nestled at the front of this workspace is a unique showcase, a shop-cum-showroom that holds testament to the brilliant oeuvre of the artist. Yet, the desire to maintain an undisturbed sanctum of creative expression sees her diligently secluding the workshop from any intrusions during those fervent sessions of artistic creation.

The canvas of Jackson’s memory often returns to a piece deeply imbued with personal sentiment and emotional significance. This is none other than the inaugural depiction of joy she sought to immortalize of her mother, an intimate portrayal manifesting a heartfelt connection. Created during the tender years when her offspring were but young, the intent behind this artwork was to suffuse their shared living space with the warmth and presence of the maternal figure.

Despite her flourishing creativity within her current environment, Jackson harbors an undeniable aspiration to expand her artistic horizons, quite literally. The artist finds herself increasingly at odds with the spatial constraints of her existing workspace. The relentless flow of ideas and the energetic pace of creation only underscore the urgency of a larger, more expansive studio, which Jackson yearns for. Her ambition is to cultivate an environment where both her creativity and the scale of her artistry can unfurl without restraint.

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