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“I am in love with perception with all the senses, feel the sensation of reality and the characteristics of light, color, touch, temperature, sound and how they harmonize.”

A Profound Connection Between Artistic Vision and Reality

Javier Arizabalo Garcia, an artist hailing from Spain, draws his inspiration from the rich artistic traditions of his homeland. His art embraces both classical and contemporary visions, offering interpretations of reality that range from the beautiful to the stark. In fact, Garcia views art as a broad and all-encompassing act of engagement with matter, enabling him to recreate, modify, and invent as a creator, producer, and preserver of ideas throughout time.

Garcia’s journey into the world of art began from an unexpected place—his struggle with social communication led him to express himself through manual work. Through determination, experimentation, education, and the support of those around him, he acquired the fundamentals of his craft. It was only later, during a period of employment as a designer, that Garcia experienced a personal crisis that revealed his true calling. Although his initial foray into art was marked by confusion, he was fortunate enough to connect with a gallery that understood and supported his artistic focus on the human body, a theme that has since become a central feature of his work. This valuable partnership has greatly aided in bolstering his confidence and refining his distinctive artistic vision.

Javier Arizabalo Garcia: Crafting Reality through Dedication and Discipline

Javier Arizabalo Garcia’s artistic style deftly straddles the line between realism and photorealism, captivated by the dual allure of the human body’s inherent simplicity and complexity. His fascination extends to the transformative effect of light on the human form, inviting interpretations that speak to the corporeal material, age, naturalness, sensibility, warmth, and observed reality.

In his workspace, Arizabalo Garcia prizes a tranquil environment conducive to focused contemplation. It is within this setting that he meticulously performs calculations of tone, color, and drawing—essential steps in the process of artistic representation. Each representation demands an intricate interplay of interpretation, analysis, and reproduction through the skillful application of appropriate techniques and mediums.

Integral to this endeavor is Arizabalo Garcia’s expertise in a broad array of artistic disciplines, including color mixing, drawing, anatomy, brush handling, and the use of pictorial paste. To achieve the desired level of precision, he requires uniform white lighting and ample space tailored to the dimensions of the work at hand. Additionally, he adheres to a structured work routine that parallels the discipline of those employed in offices or factories.

Arizabalo Garcia believes that distractions can only ensnare those who lack the tools for concentration. In pursuit of undivided focus, he consciously distances himself from the clamor and distractions of contemporary society.

A Melting Pot of Artistic Influences and Inspirations

Javier Arizabalo Garcia’s artistic sensibilities have been deeply influenced by a wide array of references, both from the realm of art and from reality itself, making it challenging to pinpoint any singular, overarching influences. Spain’s rich cultural heritage, including its outstanding collection of Renaissance to Baroque art at the prestigious Prado Museum, has certainly played a significant role in shaping Garcia’s artistic vision. This has allowed the artist to develop a profound appreciation for the works of European painters who served the monarchy, as well as the artistry of one of the most remarkable painters in history, Diego Velázquez, whom Garcia holds in high regard as a major influence.

Antonio López, a contemporary painter and sculptor renowned for his realism, has also left a lasting impression on Garcia’s work. Broadening his scope, the artist has also drawn inspiration from luminaries of classicism and impressionism, such as Singer Sargent and Manet, as well as other notable artists like Gabriel Morcillo Raya. Furthermore, Garcia’s admiration extends to the hyperrealism of Claudio Bravo.

Garcia’s eclectic taste is evidenced by the fact that he can also be deeply moved by the works of diverse artists, including Edward Hopper, Liubov Popova, and Jorge Oteiza. Among the many artworks that have left an indelible mark on the artist’s psyche, one stands out: Velázquez’s portrait of his servant, Juan de Pareja. Despite its diminutive size, this portrait holds special meaning for Garcia, as it embodies the quintessence of masterful painting—superlative treatment of pictorial paste, impeccable harmony of color, and expert composition of the masses.

Javier Arizabalo Garcia: Capturing the Ephemeral Nature of Reality Through Art

Javier Arizabalo Garcia has explored various painting and graphic techniques throughout his career. However, he finds the versatility of oil paints unparalleled for simulating reality. The properties of color and tone, opacity and transparency inherent in oil paints are exceptional for capturing both dimensions with remarkable accuracy. Additionally, the medium offers the possibility to experiment with thickness and texture, providing the artwork with a distinct richness and depth.

Arizabalo Garcia’s passion for perception extends to all senses. He revels in the sensation of reality, particularly in the nuances of light, color, touch, temperature, and sound, and how they harmonize with one another. Arizabalo Garcia’s work does not seek to explore complexity or to serve as an illustrated narrative; rather, he finds satisfaction in the art he creates, regardless of any external or introspective ambitions. His ultimate aspiration is the ability to evoke genuine emotions, perhaps even dreams, in those who experience his art. Furthermore, Arizabalo Garcia envisions a future in which he can capture the fleeting nature of reality more spontaneously, perhaps by venturing out with a camera to immortalize moments that would otherwise be ephemeral.

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