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“It’s mostly in the arts that we can create new worlds.”

The Powerful Fusion of Dance and Art: Irene Klisko’s Transdisciplinary Inspiration

Irene Klisko, a compelling artist hailing from the industrial reaches of Katowice in Poland, has been a resident of London for the past decade. Her transition from the modest beginnings in Eastern Europe to the heart of England’s capital has not been without influence on her creative evolution. The bustling city of London, with its vibrant multicultural essence, has profoundly broadened her perspectives, enabling her to adopt an eclectic approach to life.

The metropolis of London, with its inherent dichotomies and trials, has ignited Klisko’s artistic voyage. She found inspiration in the city’s contrasts, drawing on the distinct facets of urban living as a source of creativity. Every street corner, every human interaction became a wellspring for artistic ideas, manifesting into her unique creations.

Klisko attributes her artistic endeavours to the sense of liberation it brings her. She espouses the notion of heeding our inner callings, of allowing our souls to guide our actions and aspirations. It was amidst the global crisis, the pandemic period, that she embarked on her journey, creating her first captivating painting, “Dancing Wasp.”

Her artistic toolbox primarily comprises acrylics, yet she frequently ventures beyond this medium to incorporate different types of paint. The artist’s exploration into various art techniques is testament to her innovative spirit; she often experiments with unconventional implements such as wooden sticks, embodying her adventurous artistic ethos. The thrill of discovering new tools and methods constitutes an integral part of her craft.

Looking towards the future, Klisko aspires to delve into other mediums, driven by the sheer volume of possibilities yet to be unearthed. Her dedication to experimentation and a consistent expansion of her creative repertoire attests to her continued growth as an artist. Irene Klisko’s story demonstrates the power of adapting to new environments and channeling life’s trials into a journey of artistic discovery.

Literary Imagination: Haruki Murakami’s Influence on Irene Klisko’s Art

Irene Klisko often attributes her innovative approach to art to an eclectic mix of influences. She frequently cites non-painters as primary sources of inspiration, underscoring her belief in the transdisciplinary nature of artistic creativity. Interestingly, the touchstone of Klisko’s work stems not from the canvas, but the dance floor. Ohad Naharin, a distinguished dance choreographer, significantly shaped her artistic worldview. In one of his noted discourses, he provocatively declared, “it’s mostly in Arts we can create new worlds.” This powerful assertion resonated with Klisko, eliciting an experience she likens to catharsis, imbuing her work with a profound sense of importance that can’t be readily articulated.

Parallel to Naharin, Klisko’s rich and layered imagination has been hugely influenced by literary sources, specifically the writings of acclaimed author Haruki Murakami. Klisko’s fascination with Murakami began in her formative years and has carried into her professional career. The Japanese author’s books, brimming with magical realism and surrealistic themes, are a mainstay of her personal library. Klisko credits Murakami’s extraordinary talent for stoking the fires of her vibrant imagination, imbuing her with a unique artistic perspective that stands out in the contemporary art scene.

The artist’s palette, though, remains fundamentally grounded in the realm of painting. Masters such as Willem de Kooning, Joan Miro, and Francis Bacon, among many others, have significantly influenced Klisko’s oeuvre. These seminal artists’ indelible impacts reverberate through her works, revealing traces of their styles and philosophies, while ultimately serving as the bedrock for Klisko’s innovative artistic expressions. This blending of influences – from dance to literature to painting – forms the vibrant and multifaceted fabric of Irene Klisko’s distinctive artistry.

The Fluidity of Art: Irene Klisko’s Journey of Experimentation and Exploration

Irene Klisko is in the midst of a transformative journey as an artist, a critical stage marked by fervent experimentation and exploration. In the throes of defining her artistic signature, she embraces the wide array of challenges and faux pas that accompany the creative process, regarding each misstep as a learning opportunity. Her work is a constant flux, a manifestation of her fluid artistry that hasn’t settled on a single style just yet.

Klisko’s approach to her art is characterized by a dynamic exploration of techniques, forms, and textures. Her paintings are an elaborate dance of colours, a vibrant testament to her unwavering commitment to visual expression. Her art serves as a physical canvas for her intuition, a space where she dares to play, innovate and create without the constraints of meticulous planning.

The act of painting for Klisko is not merely about producing a visual piece; it is about transposing her internal energy and feelings onto the canvas. She draws inspiration from a vast range of sources that seep into her work. Life in its many facets, recollections of the past, history’s echoes, the written word in books, and the rhythmic pulse of music – all these elements serve as the underlying beats to her artwork’s vibrant symphony.

Klisko regards the painting process akin to a dance – an intricate ballet that reflects the inner movement of her energy and spirit. The brush in her hand becomes an extension of her soul, guiding the paint in a choreographed rhythm, all in a harmonious interplay of color, texture, and emotion.

Currently, Klisko’s studio is the great outdoors, an idyllic setting surrounded by the whispers of trees, the chirping of birds, and bathed in the sublime glow of natural light. In this serene space, she immerses herself for hours on end, undistracted and enveloped in the meditative cadence of her art-making process.

When the pattern of creation becomes overly repetitive, Klisko takes respite in literature and strolls in the nearby Highgate Woods. These intermissions allow her to refuel, imbuing her with fresh perspectives and invigorating inspiration for her ever-evolving artistic journey. In this way, Irene Klisko artfully weaves the textures of her life and surroundings into her work, threading her canvases with the vibrant colors of her evolving artistic voice.

Transcending Boundaries: Irene Klisko’s Vibrant Symphony of Color, Texture, and Emotion

The seminal pieces in Irene Klisko’s oeuvre, namely HCWD1 and HCWD2, hold a special place of prominence in her artistic journey. Embodying simplicity yet echoing a deep, poignant longing, these pieces were the first to be unveiled to the public eye. They served as the stepping stones from the sheltered realm of creation to the open world of criticism and acclaim. The foundation of these works was not just the fervor of creation but also a strong nostalgia for places once familiar and cherished by Klisko.

Beneath the surface of her seemingly simple artistry, Klisko’s work is imbued with an almost tangible sense of yearning, which is a testament to her power as an artist. Her talent lies in her ability to stir the viewer, to evoke a sense of place, time, and memory through her minimalist approach. These spaces she used to inhabit continue to linger in her work, underscoring a past that fuels her creativity.

Irene’s artistic trajectory is on the cusp of evolution, marked by a clear aspiration towards larger scale endeavors. Dreams of grandeur are not just a figment of ambition; rather, they are an intrinsic part of Klisko’s journey as an artist. She believes that to continually grow and explore as an artist, she must always challenge herself and push her boundaries.

As you delve into Klisko’s art, it provides an intimate, intriguing glimpse into her thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. However, art is a dialogue and your interpretations and insights also shape this creative discourse. The artist encourages this open dialogue, welcoming suggestions or ideas that could enrich her journey.

In conclusion, Irene Klisko is an artist who beautifully blends simplicity and complexity, creating works that captivate and inspire. The essence of her art is not merely a reflection of her own experiences, but an invitation for the viewer to embark on their own journey of interpretation and understanding.

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    I am a professional artist, I want to register and submit my works on AATONAU website. Sunlight has become one of the themes of my inspiration impressions. I’m fascinated by how it looks in space, how it fills an entire room with color. Often my paintings are more about sunlight than anything else.

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