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“‘Beam Drop’ by Chris Burden left an impression on my approach to creating Art. It encouraged me to create works that challenge scale, concept, and process.”

The Influence of Futura 2000 on HOXXOH’s Artistic Journey

HOXXOH is an artist who originates from Miami and has firmly anchored his artistic journey in the city’s unique community design and architectural revitalization ethos. During his youth, he was fascinated by the raw and innocent nature of graffiti and street art, which he sought to embody in his own artwork.

Initiating his artistic voyage over a quarter of a century ago, HOXXOH recalls the humble beginnings of his artistic endeavors, daubing his first wall in high school at the tender age of 15 in 1995. Blessed with supportive parents who nurtured his nascent talent, they fostered a harmonious blend of studio and public artwork from the outset. It was during these formative years that HOXXOH formed a bond with the iconic graft crew, Miami Graffiti Style (MSG), a relationship that continues to influence his work.

Following high school, the Miami-based artist pursued higher education in the arts, culminating in a master’s degree in architecture, complemented by a double major in art history and painting, and a minor in philosophy. Over the years, his dedication to his craft bore fruit, and for the past decade, HOXXOH has been a full-time practicing artist. This milestone not only represents his professional success but also speaks volumes about his unwavering passion for the arts. His life and work serve as a testament to his commitment, transforming his artistic passion into a rewarding career.

The Meticulous and Spontaneous Creative Process of HOXXOH

HOXXOH has consistently demonstrated a profound interest in pictorial projection techniques since the outset of his illustrious career. At that time, a scant number of graffiti or street artists had ventured into this territory. Among those pioneers, Futura 2000 emerged as a significant influence for Hoekzema. The trailblazing artist’s abstract street art, characterized by a seamless blend of virtual reality, hyperrealism, and a touch of retro-futurism, not only reaffirmed Hoekzema’s approach, but also invigorated his journey along this innovative path.

In recent times, Hoekzema’s primary muse has been nature itself. Despite residing in an urban environment, he consciously detaches himself from the cacophonous symphony of city life – the blare of horns, the hum of traffic, the shrill of alarms, and the rhythmic cadence of human footsteps. Instead, he immerses himself in the tranquility of nature, engaging in activities such as extended hikes, camping, and kayaking. Hoekzema’s fascination lies in the intricate interplay of order and chaos inherent in nature’s forces, a theme that frequently manifests in his work.

Exploring Mechanized Tools and Unconventional Mark-Making Techniques in Painting

The creative process of the artist HOXXOH is both meticulous and spontaneous, characterized by a perpetual search for novel forms and patterns. He often begins by identifying a particular mark or pattern, perhaps something as incidental as a stain on the studio floor, and then painstakingly attempts to decipher and recreate the sequence of events that led to its formation. In his artistic practice, there are no distractions, only ever-evolving concepts and inspirations.

Throughout his artistic career, HOXXOH’s style has shown remarkable dynamism, marked by a distinct emphasis on unique mark-making techniques and the innovative use of color. His proclivity for mechanized paint application instruments lends his work an element of distinctive originality. Each new series becomes a testament to not only a different phase in his life but also a different painting technique he has explored and mastered.

HOXXOH’s work could best be described as a focused exploration of mechanized tools and unconventional mark-making techniques in painting. His artistic journey began with the humble aerosol can, or spray paint, as his primary tool. This initial exploration sparked a broader investigation into a myriad of unconventional tools, including paint pendulums, pans, trays, industrial airless paint sprayers, and even irrigation systems. Among these, a mechanism affectionately referred to as “The RainBird” holds a special place in his repertoire.

By developing an idiosyncratic language of marks and patterns, HOXXOH’s work encompasses pure abstractions and is currently transitioning towards surrealism. In this continuous evolution, he demonstrates his unyielding dedication to innovation and his unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional painting.

HOXXOH’s Vision for a Sunflower Spiral Earthwork Project

Douglas Hoekzema, known professionally as HOXXOH, envisions an extraordinary Earthwork or land sculpture project, with the dream of crafting an expansive spiral maze composed entirely of Sunflowers. This ambitious endeavor would necessitate the use of a 60-foot crane, a 50-gallon oil drum, soil, water, and sunflower seeds, transforming the landscape into a living, breathing work of art. The oil drum, suspended from the crane, would mimic the functionality of a massive pendulum, echoing the themes present in Hoekzema’s studio pieces. Once set in motion, the drum would disperse a combination of soil, water, and seeds across the terrain, etching a spiraling pattern reminiscent of the artist’s signature style. The metamorphosis of the piece, witnessing the flowers’ growth and observing the interaction of the audience, would provide an unparalleled and rewarding conclusion to the artistic endeavor.

At present, HOXXOH has been devoting his creative energies to developing paintings within the confines of his studio. His work primarily involves the use of spray paint and acrylic, supplemented by a series of gardening tools, which he ingeniously repurposes and upscales for the creation of murals. The challenges inherent in working within such constraints do not deter the artist. Instead, he finds fulfillment in the exploration of these boundaries, constantly seeking inventive approaches to transform these limitations into opportunities for artistic expression. Hoekzema’s ultimate quest revolves around identifying patterns within chaos, capturing fleeting moments of order and symmetry, and then replicating these instances through his art.

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