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Hilary Pecis: The Enchantment of the Everyday

Hilary Pecis, a California native, has an extraordinary ability to transform ordinary scenes into captivating spectacles. Her still life and landscape paintings are not just mere depictions of domestic vignettes and weekend markets; they are a vibrant exploration of everyday life, filled with character, bright colors, and Fauvist influences. The familiar becomes enchanting under Pecis’s brush, with recognisable objects bathed in an air reminiscent of Matisse, romanticising the quotidian. Through her art, Pecis envelops the observer in a familiar aura, turning everyday scenes into a narrative that is both intimate and universal.

The artist’s journey is marked by her educational background and notable achievements. Holding a BFA and MFA from the California College of the Arts, San Francisco, Hilary Pecis has seen her work showcased at prestigious venues across the globe, including Rockefeller Center, New York; Timothy Taylor Gallery, London; and The Pit, Los Angeles. Her contributions to the art world have been recognized with accolades such as the San Francisco Arts Commission’s Murphy and Cadogan Fellowship in 2008. Additionally, her role as co-founder of Binder of Women, a consortium of female artists in Los Angeles, highlights her commitment to fostering a community of women in the arts.

Hilary Pecis: A Tapestry of Color and Life

Born in 1979 in Fullerton, California, Hilary Pecis creates paintings that are a testament to her keen eye for detail and her ability to capture the essence of her surroundings. Her works, characterized by interlocking fields of saturated color, geometric patterning, and bold linework, offer glimpses into sun-drenched domestic still lifes and landscapes. From books crowding a coffee table to the remnants of a dinner party, each element in her paintings is a carefully chosen character in a larger story. Southern California succulents, lush terrains, and meticulously arranged interiors in her paintings contribute to an overarching portrait of self, where objects and locations become signifiers of human characteristics.

Pecis’s work stands out for its unique blend of distorted perspectives and surprising juxtapositions of hue. She places her work in a modernist art historical context, particularly in dialogue with Fauvism, where subjective and analytical tendencies are synthesized. Yet, it is her interest in images sourced from personal experience that truly sets her apart. This approach allows Pecis to transform recognizable scenes into vivid explorations that celebrate the quiet, often overlooked moments of everyday life. Through her art, mundane settings are elevated to a realm of vibrant beauty and introspection.

The Storybook Canvas: Hilary Pecis’s Artistic Narrative

Pecis’s artistic narrative unfolds across her canvas like pages from a storybook, each painting a chapter in a vibrant tale. In her signature works, such as “Bazaar” (2019), she masterfully brings to life the magic of everyday scenes. Her rendition of a weekend market is not just a representation; it’s a lifelike menagerie that leaps from the canvas, captivating the viewer. Her adept use of pattern and meticulous attention to detail enables each part of her diorama to radiate a different mood, depending on where the eye lingers. Pecis doesn’t just paint scenes; she invites the observer into a fantasia, offering a brief respite in a world of picture-postcard beauty. This ability to capture the essence of mundane moments and elevate them to something extraordinary is a hallmark of her work.

Hilary Pecis’s paintings are more than just still lifes and landscapes; they are a celebration of the mundane, transformed into the extraordinary. Each piece is a carefully curated composition of everyday objects, from crowded tables and house plants to hefty art books, all rendered in a soft, naturalistic palette. These elements come together to exude a sense of casual comfort, inviting the viewer into a world that is at once familiar and enchanting. This California-based artist’s work does not just hang in galleries; it tells stories, captures moments, and immortalizes the ephemeral beauty of everyday life. Her art resonates with audiences not just in California but globally, as evidenced by her exhibitions in New York, London, Tokyo, Beijing, and beyond.

Global Recognition and Collective Vision

The global art scene has embraced Hilary Pecis with open arms, recognizing her unique vision and exceptional talent. Her solo exhibitions are a testament to her standing in the art world, with notable showcases at Rockefeller Center in New York (2021), Timothy Taylor in London (2021), and Spurs Gallery in Beijing (2020), among others. Her art has also graced group exhibitions at prestigious venues like the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., and the Orange County Museum of Art in California. These exhibitions not only display Pecis’s prowess as an artist but also her ability to engage with diverse audiences, transcending cultural and geographical boundaries. Her inclusion in these prominent displays reflects her growing influence and the universal appeal of her work.

Beyond her individual achievements, Hilary Pecis is a driving force in the collective artistic movement. As the co-founder of Binder of Women, a collective of female artists in Los Angeles, she champions the voices and works of women in the art world. This initiative underscores her commitment to creating a more inclusive and supportive environment for female artists. Her role in this collective highlights her dedication to fostering community and collaboration, amplifying the impact of her artistic journey. This aspect of her career not only adds depth to her personal achievements but also positions her as a leader and innovator in the contemporary art scene.

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