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“Nothing in particular inspired me to become an artist, rather I think it was simply something that was always in me.”

The Artistic Journey of Heather Chontos

Heather Chontos, a self-taught artist hailing from New York, has established her home and studio in the picturesque region of Southwestern France. Throughout her adult life, Chontos journeyed across the globe alongside her two daughters, immersing herself in the vivid colors and rich cultures encountered during their travels.

In recent years, Chontos has shifted her approach to artistic inspiration, opting to remain in one location and draw from the surroundings in a more profound manner. The rural environment enveloping her residence provides an abundance of natural beauty, affording the space and tranquility that her work demands. The countryside has captivated Chontos since her youth, and its allure continues to grow stronger, fueling her creativity and passion for artistic expression.

Heather Chontos: Exploring Scale and Texture in Painting

Heather Chontos primarily focuses on painting as her preferred artistic medium. She frequently creates large-scale works on linen and wood, demonstrating a penchant for oil paint, acrylic, and oil sticks. The diverse textures and opacities achieved through the layering and mark-making processes play a crucial role in forming the foundation of her abstract compositions.

Chontos holds a particular affection for her smaller works on wood and antique paper. These diminutive creations, which she often retains for her personal collection, serve as pathways to more expansive pieces. Treasured like cherished secrets, these smaller works hold a special place in the artist’s heart and remain her personal favorites.

Embracing Artistic Authenticity and Ambition for the Future

No specific event or inspiration led Heather Chontos to become an artist; instead, it appears to have been an inherent aspect of her being. At a pivotal moment in her life, Chontos recognized that creating art allowed her to feel entirely authentic and true to herself, as though she could not exist in any other capacity. From a young age, she has consistently engaged in drawing and painting, with her artwork gradually evolving and maturing alongside her personal growth.

Looking ahead, Chontos aspires to undertake an ambitious project: painting a fresco that envelops the entire surface of an aged Mediterranean house, showcasing her artistic prowess and vision on a grand scale.

Heather Chontos: Dedication to Art and Advice for Emerging Artists

Dedicated to her craft, Heather Chontos spends every day immersed in her studio, where painting has become as vital to her as breathing. Her creative process involves selecting her preferred medium and diligently applying her skills. Throughout each day, Chontos continually contemplates the use of specific colors and mediums, ensuring her artistic vision remains at the forefront of her mind.

Chontos’ current studio, situated in an old stone barn attached to her residence, provides an idyllic working environment. With an abundance of natural light, ample space, and high ceilings, the studio satisfies her need for an expansive area that enables her to work on large-scale pieces. Often, Chontos simultaneously undertakes multiple projects, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to her art.

For emerging artists seeking guidance, Chontos advises engaging in daily practice and maintaining a strong belief in one’s artistic abilities. She emphasizes the importance of staying true to oneself, avoiding distractions from external influences, and trusting one’s instincts in order to flourish as an artist.

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