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“When I created dark and creepy themes, they seemed to negatively influence how my life went.”

Charting the Early Beginnings: Burleigh’s Artistic Genesis

Harry T. Burleigh, hailing from King George, VA, boasts a storied career that spans three decades in the realm of film and television. Burleigh’s academic background is rooted in the world of fine arts, having obtained a degree in this discipline. Yet, despite his formal training, the artist experienced a hiatus from 1993 to 2006, a result of growing disheartenment from producing art at the behest of others.

The genesis of Burleigh’s artistic odyssey can be traced back to a tender age of 7. A serendipitous encounter with a photograph, depicting a captivating female vocalist from an album in his mother’s collection, ignited a spark within him. Although his inaugural drawing did not quite capture the essence of the subject, it was this very endeavor that indelibly marked the commencement of his trajectory towards artistic acclaim.

Embracing Color: The Artistic Evolution of Harry T. Burleigh

In the nascent stages of Harry T. Burleigh’s artistic journey, the allure of graphite and charcoal prevailed. The sheer potency of color, in all its vibrant forms, was a source of trepidation for him. It wasn’t until the pivotal year of 2006 that Burleigh embraced color, evolving his artistic narrative towards the encapsulation of beauty within his oeuvre.

During his youth, and indeed, even into his adult years, Burleigh exhibited a marked predilection for themes imbued with darkness and a touch of the macabre. This gravitation towards more somber subjects was not without consequence. Recognizing the overshadowing gloom these themes ushered into his life, the artist embarked on a transformative journey. This self-awareness led him to pivot towards subjects radiating positivity. Abstract expressionism and surrealism became the new canvases for his artistic expression, offering both depth and diversification to his portfolio.

The sanctum where Burleigh’s artistic visions come to life is an expansive, unfinished basement, a space he affectionately shares with his four rescue dogs. The ambiance of this workspace plays a quintessential role in shaping his creative endeavors. An amalgamation of melodious tunes, his beverage of choice, an abundance of warm incandescent lighting, and the assurance of minimal disturbances converge to cultivate an atmosphere ripe for productivity. However, like any devoted artist, Burleigh is not immune to the occasional distractions. Even the inconspicuous presence of a fly has, on occasion, been known to command his attention for a prolonged span.

Influences and Inspirations: Navigating Burleigh’s Artistic Pantheon

A myriad of artists have made an impact on Harry T. Burleigh’s artistic journey. Among the contemporary influencers, the captivating works of Roger Dean and Frank Frazetta stand as notable landmarks. Delving further back in time, the masterful brushstrokes of luminaries such as John Singer Sargent and William-Adolphe Bouguereau have profoundly shaped Burleigh’s perspective. Although Burleigh once viewed art history with a hint of skepticism, considering it somewhat tedious, it has since transformed into a wellspring of knowledge and a beacon of inspiration for him.

Digital platforms, particularly YouTube and Pinterest, have unveiled a plethora of talented artists, becoming indispensable in Burleigh’s ever-evolving journey of artistic discovery. Such platforms bear witness to the expansive reservoir of talent that defines the digital era.

During his college tenure, Burleigh created a surrealistic masterpiece using graphite. Remarkably, this piece would later reveal itself to be uncannily prophetic, mirroring subsequent events in his life. This serendipitous connection became a pivotal moment in his artistic narrative, compelling him to infuse an aura of positivity into his subsequent creations.

Harry T. Burleigh: Exploration and Philanthropy

Harry T. Burleigh exhibits a profound predilection for working with oils, and occasionally, he integrates acrylics into his canvas pieces. While the allure of graphite once captivated Burleigh, his creative affinities have transitioned over time. He tends to avoid charcoal and oil pastels, finding them a tad too chaotic for his meticulous nature. On the horizon of Burleigh’s artistic endeavors, he contemplates exploring the multifaceted realms of sculpting and mixed media.

Among the myriad of projects that Burleigh undertakes, one that resonates deeply with his core values is the inception of an art exhibition dedicated to damaged artworks. This unique exhibition holds a dual purpose: it not only showcases the beauty of imperfections but also aims to generate proceeds that will directly benefit the victims of natural disasters. This endeavor illustrates the depth of Burleigh’s commitment to both art and philanthropy.

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