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“It’s like being presented with an enigma, a mystery, and step after step coming closer to the truth.”

Blending Architecture and Artistry: Filippo Nassetti’s Journey

Filippo Nassetti, now based in London, embarked on an academic journey rooted in architecture, subsequently diving into the specialized fields of computational design and design research. This academic foundation equipped Nassetti with an interdisciplinary perspective, masterfully fusing the intricacies of the arts, science, and engineering. The rich dialogues and discussions around architectural principles deeply resonate in his art. At the heart of the artist’s work is an unwavering dedication to the exploration of form, both in its static and animated manifestations.

From a tender age, Nassetti’s creative spirit sought expression through diverse mediums, ranging from the written word to the visual allure of photography. The poetic verses of Arthur Rimbaud served as a beacon of inspiration during his formative years, igniting his passion to tread the artistic path. Yet, translating this fervor into tangible artistic creation was a journey in itself. As Nassetti delved deeper into the world of design, he nurtured an affinity for digital tools, cherishing the intricate dance between art and technology, and harnessing the power of form to stir emotions and incite contemporary discourse.

“Eroded Formations II”

Filippo Nassetti

Postnatural Design: Filippo Nassetti’s Visionary Movement

Championing the avant-garde movement of Postnatural Design, Nassetti audaciously challenges the conventional binaries that separate the natural from the artificial and the human from the non-human. He envisions a world where these categories meld seamlessly, embracing hybridity and ambiguity. Through the lens of Postnatural Design, Nassetti perceives humanity as a mere fragment of the vast tapestry of nature. He propagates an ecological and systemic methodology, influencing a myriad of design landscapes—from urban environments to architectural wonders and even the contours of the human physique.

The year 2012 marked the inception of Nassetti’s vibrant artistic trajectory, with a keen focus on the synergies of computational design and digital fabrication, especially as they relate to the human form. Over the subsequent decade, the artist’s oeuvre expanded to encompass both artistic masterpieces and commercial ventures spanning diverse sectors such as healthcare, fashion, and sportswear. Delving into the confluence of these arenas is emblematic of Nassetti’s unique approach. Through his art, he delves deep, exploring radical notions and pioneering postnatural visual lexicons. Concepts like the reimagination of prosthetics, symbiotic relationships, themes of parasitism, and protective mechanisms are explored, further bolstered by the integration of emerging technologies. Often, these groundbreaking notions find their way into the design of market-leading products.

“Collagene Masks”

MHOX (Filippo Nassetti, Alessandro Zomparelli)

Harmony of Design: Nassetti’s Stylistic Continuum

Every project undertaken by Filippo Nassetti offers a unique flavor, yet a discernible thread of continuity weaves its way through his oeuvre. He often journeys into the world of geometric and three-dimensional patterns, painting a harmonious union of the tangible and intangible, the organic and the manufactured. Nassetti revels in the rich tapestry of shapes, colors, and moods, yet remains unwavering in his pursuit of thematic unity and coherence.

The space in which the artist crafts his masterpieces is a reflection of his work ethos. To foster an environment conducive to creativity, Nassetti curtails visual interruptions, maintaining a stringent discipline and routine. Throughout his illustrious journey, the international research community has left an indelible mark on his creative psyche. Those at the forefront, bridging the gap between the organic and the artificial and leveraging the prowess of cutting-edge technologies, have been pivotal influencers in Nassetti’s career trajectory.

“Thalassic Masks”

Filippo Nassetti, Vincenzo Reale

photography: Paul Farnham

The Evolutionary Canvas: Embracing Future Horizons

For Nassetti, the allure of art lies in the thrill of the journey rather than the destination. The piece he treasures most is invariably the one in the offing, brimming with the exhilaration of uncharted territories and the euphoria of crafting something novel. Once his creation assumes its final form, its enchantment fades for him, underscoring his predilection for the act of creation over basking in the glory of the completed work.

3D printing stands as a cornerstone in his artistic ventures, offering Nassetti the ideal platform to breathe life into intricate digital concepts. Yet, his artistic arsenal extends beyond. He has ventured into myriad mediums that intersect with digital form, be it software, projection mapping, or the immersive realm of virtual reality.

Currently, the burgeoning domain of Artificial Intelligence has captivated Nassetti’s imagination. He is immersed in projects that engage with this groundbreaking theme, foreseeing unexplored territories ripe for artistic introspection and critique.

“Postnatural Posthuman”

Filippo Nassetti with AI

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