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“I think art has become so essential in my life that I can’t separate myself from it anymore.”

Blending Art, Surf Culture, and Sustainability

Fabian Lavater, a 32-year-old artist hailing from Basel, Switzerland, boasts an impressive self-taught background in the arts. Despite multiple attempts to gain entry into art school, Lavater ultimately pursued and obtained a master’s degree in sustainable development from a prominent economics program.

Throughout his life, Lavater has honed his artistic skills, sharing his creations on Instagram in tandem with his studies. This platform facilitated the growth of a considerable following, which ultimately allowed him to transition into a full-time artistic career after being let go from his first job post-graduation. Over the past two and a half years, he has been dedicated to his craft as a professional artist.

Lavater’s passion for the ocean and surf culture permeates his work, lending his art a unique focus on oceanic activities. His experiences as a surfer and his background in sustainable development have fostered a strong environmentalist stance, which he artfully combines with his creative pursuits. Consequently, Lavater has emerged as a prominent artivist, utilizing his talents to raise awareness and promote positive change in environmental conservation.

From Black Ink to Vivid Minimalist Landscapes

Fabian Lavater’s artistic style can be described as a minimalistic and vibrant interpretation of pop art. The intention behind his work is to evoke a sense of serenity and joy in viewers, as opposed to the ominous tone often employed by environmentalists. Although the use of alarming narratives in environmental discussions may be warranted, Lavater chooses to emphasize the beauty of life and the planet, underscoring the significance of preserving it.

Initially, Lavater began his creative journey by employing black ink to produce line and stippling pieces on paper. However, his artistic pursuits took a transformative turn when he started using an iPad and the digital art application, Procreate. This platform allowed him to delve into a world of vivid colors, and he became captivated by minimalist landscape designs.

Approximately two years ago, Lavater expanded his creative repertoire by incorporating acrylics and brushes into his work. This transition enabled him to create pieces on both paper and canvas, resulting in even more vibrant and engaging pop art. Additionally, this shift in medium allowed him to place greater focus on human beings and their activities, further emphasizing the central theme of his art.

Finding Inspiration and Developing a Signature Style

Fabian Lavater’s most cherished creations encompass his depiction of surfers navigating the ocean, characterized by his distinctive brushwork employed to illustrate the waves. The innovative approach he developed in these pieces has garnered significant admiration and praise. It was indeed a lengthy journey for Lavater to establish a truly unique and personal artistic style.

The artist draws inspiration from a myriad of sources, ranging from the captivating hues displayed in a storefront to immersing himself in the natural world and closely observing his surroundings. Additionally, Lavater finds motivation through engaging with the works of fellow photographers and artists on platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. Furthermore, the exceptional artistry of the great masters continues to be a profound influence on his creative process.

Art as a Way of Life: Mindfulness and Future Aspirations

Art has become an inextricable aspect of Fabian Lavater’s life, with the artist finding it difficult to separate his creative pursuits from his everyday experiences. Consequently, Lavater has developed an acute awareness of his surroundings, observing the nuances of people’s movements, the interplay of light and shadow, and other subtle details. This heightened attention has fostered a sense of mindfulness within him.

Lavater envisions an idyllic creative environment as a sunlit studio situated near the ocean, allowing him to indulge in his passion for surfing before or after a painting session. Regrettably, his current residence in the heart of Europe deprives him of such an environment, necessitating significant travel to find suitable conditions. Nevertheless, Lavater remains optimistic about future opportunities.

The artist aspires to participate in more exhibitions and engage in genuine interactions with people, fostering connections within the physical world. Additionally, he harbors ambitions to collaborate with a prominent surf brand on a unique collection, melding his artistic talents with his love for the sport.

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