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“The color palette I choose is not simply aesthetic, but a vibration that seeks to resonate with the spirituality inherent in creation.”

The Genesis of an Artist

From the vibrant landscapes of Ecuador, Eddie Mosler embarked on an artistic journey that would transcend the conventional boundaries of creativity. At the tender age of five, Mosler began to sketch, laying the foundation for a unique artistic philosophy that would later define his career. This self-taught plastic artist discovered a profound connection with the universe’s origin, which became the bedrock of his creative process. Mosler’s artistry is a complex structure of nine colors, nine geometric figures, and nine luminous pillars, all intertwined with the enigmatic Frequency of Gold in the 17th dimension. This intricate design is not merely an aesthetic choice but a deliberate effort to harness the cosmos’s vibrational energy.

The inspiration behind Mosler’s pursuit of art stems from a deep-seated belief in the power of original creation. He understands that an artist’s work does more than captivate the eye; it transcends geographical and temporal limitations, guiding the viewer on a journey to uncharted territories. Mosler’s career is a testament to the transformative potential of art, as he explores the nexus of color, shape, and dimension as tools of creation. His approach to art is a cosmic dance, where each brushstroke and spatulate movement reflects the primordial energy of the universe. Through his palette, Mosler seeks to resonate with the inherent spirituality of creation, offering his audience portals to new horizons.

Eddie Mosler: Architect of the Abstract

Eddie Mosler’s artistic style is a celebration of abstraction, where the boundaries of the figurative world dissolve, allowing the mind and spirit to soar into the realms of the unknown. In this space, Mosler explores themes of consciousness elevation, the questioning of known limits, and the luminous connections that bind us to the universe. His work is not just a visual feast but an invitation to embark on a journey of spiritual and intellectual discovery. The essence of Mosler’s style lies in its ability to transcend the tangible, creating a bridge to the auric frequencies and dimensions that underpin our existence.

Mosler’s art is a dialogue with the cosmos, where the intangible is rendered tangible through bold strokes and vibrant hues. This dialogue is not confined to the canvas but extends into the very space in which Mosler creates. His studio is a sanctuary of creativity, where elements like gold and purposefully designed lighting foster an environment conducive to artistic manifestation. Distractions are skillfully managed through a meticulous arrangement of tools and materials, mirroring the universe’s intrinsic harmony. For Mosler, focus and perseverance are not just principles but practices that connect him with the luminous dimensions, allowing him to expand the exploration of color through the structure of Astral Gold.

The Universe as Muse

Eddie Mosler’s artistic influences are as vast and profound as the cosmos itself. Rather than drawing inspiration from the conventional lineage of artists, Mosler finds his muse in the original symphony of creation—the universe, nature, and everything that encompasses our existence. This unique perspective positions him not just as an artist but as a conduit for the cosmic dance of creation, where science and spirituality intertwine to reflect the universe’s complexity and simplicity. Mosler’s work is a testament to the belief that art and the cosmos are interconnected, exploring the realms of spirituality, abstraction, and the representation of the intangible on a physical plane. His inspiration is a constant quest to capture the essence of the Original Creator, offering viewers a glimpse into the profound and often unseen connections that bind the universe together.

“Cosmic Vortexes,” a pivotal piece in Mosler’s portfolio, embodies this deep connection with the cosmic narrative. The artwork is a visual representation of the interplay between light and shadow, symbolizing the inherent duality of existence while simultaneously transcending it to highlight the unity within cosmic diversity. This piece is not just an artistic achievement but a milestone that encapsulates Mosler’s journey and philosophy. Through contrasting tones and intricate compositions, “Cosmic Vortexes” invites the viewer to consider the broader spectrum of existence, reminding us of the harmonious balance that underlies the universe’s apparent contrasts.

Eddie Mosler: Transcending Mediums and Embracing the Cosmic

Eddie Mosler’s journey through various artistic mediums is a reflection of his relentless quest for a deeper connection with the universe. While he has experimented with oils, acrylics, gold, glitter, and an array of surfaces, it is his work with oil on canvas that resonates most profoundly with his artistic vision. Mosler views his chosen medium not merely as a tool but as a portal to higher levels of creation and connection with the cosmic essence. His approach to art transcends the physical, seeking to embody the purest form of connection between humanity and the vastness of creation. Through his diverse experiments with materials, Mosler continues to explore the tangible expressions of intangible connections, embodying the essence of art as a manifestation of the cosmic dance between the human spirit and the universe.

Looking to the future, Mosler harbors a dream that encapsulates his artistic and spiritual aspirations: the creation of an immersive installation designed to envelop visitors in the cosmic energy that defines his work. This envisioned project goes beyond the aesthetic, aiming to serve as a healing and harmonious journey into the multidimensional realms that his art seeks to explore. By inviting the public into a space where the cosmic energy can be experienced in its fullest expression, Mosler aims to transcend conventional artistic boundaries. This installation is not just an ambitious project; it is a manifestation of his belief in the transformative power of art, its capacity to awaken creativity within us all, and its potential to illuminate a path to a more profound, meaningful existence. Through this, Mosler seeks to offer a beacon of healing and harmony, elevating the artistic experience to a transcendental level and inviting visitors to explore the luminous dimensions and original creation at the universe’s very essence.

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