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“My goal is to harness the potential of both parts of my brain, allowing them to inspire and energize me to the fullest extent possible.”

The Artistic Journey of DuNam Choi

DuNam Choi exemplifies the unique intersection of artistry and architecture, having earned a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from U.C. Berkeley and a Master’s degree in Architecture from the esteemed Harvard Graduate School of Design.

Human cognition, as perceived by Choi, bifurcates into two essential components: the classical and the romantic. The classical facet is an emblem of logic and rationality, while the romantic component delves into the realms of emotion and perception. Even though creativity is intrinsic to both domains, they distinguish themselves through their distinctive approaches and expressive modes.

Choi’s artistic ambition is rooted in his intent to tap into the full spectrum of these cognitive components. This harmonious amalgamation of classical rationality with romantic introspection not only fuels his inspiration but also imbues his work with a depth that is both cerebral and affective. By synthesizing these seemingly contrasting cognitive elements, Choi ignites a powerful dynamism in his creative processes.

DuNam Choi’s Multifaceted Palette: From Non-Figurative Paintings to Poetic Abstraction

DuNam Choi expresses his creative vision predominantly through the medium of non-figurative painting, whereas in drawing and print, a proclivity for figurative expression is evident. He explores multifarious techniques to articulate the often elusive, intangible emotions and the omnipresent atmosphere, a venture that may aptly be termed as ‘poetic abstraction.’

The allure of oil paint, with its vibrant colors, compelling texture, and unrivaled visual depth, has always found favor with Choi. His repertoire extends beyond this, however, encompassing diverse mediums such as charcoal, oil stick, pastel, and watercolor. This expansive palette allows the artist to enrich his oeuvre, demonstrating an impressive range of versatility in his craft.

DuNam Choi meticulously cultivates a serene, well-illuminated ambience within his studio, opting for a minimalist decor. He favors a stark, distraction-free workspace that serves as a fertile ground for his prolific creativity. In proximity to his primary creative sanctum lies a peaceful library, a realm where Choi gleans inspiration and achieves tranquility through pursuits such as meditation, recitation of poetry, and appreciation of classical music.

Cultivating Creativity: DuNam Choi’s Serene Studio and Inspirational Sanctuary

Upon occasion, in order to alleviate distractions or to navigate the vast panorama of artistic domains, Choi transitions from oil on canvas, delving into other mediums such as charcoal, pastel, and watercolor on paper. This flexible approach permits him to engage with an array of themes and modalities of expression, expanding his artistic versatility.

Deeply resonating within Choi’s artistic consciousness are the works of the Abstract Expressionist movement of the 1950s and 60s. The profound artistic liberation, limitless dynamism, and profound philosophical investigation of human existence manifested in the works of artists such as Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko, and Jasper Johns profoundly enchant Choi. These creators’ exploration of the purpose and essence of painting as an art form has undeniably left an indelible impression on him.

Furthermore, Choi’s admiration extends to the unique talents of artists like Anselm Kiefer, Gerhard Richter, and Cy Twombly. Kiefer’s artistry is noteworthy for the powerful emotions it kindles, while Richter’s exceptional artistic prowess is a continual source of awe. Twombly’s cryptic eloquence, on the other hand, invites endless interpretation, leaving its profound impact on Choi’s artistic development.

DuNam Choi’s Versatile Artistic Expression: Exploring Mediums and Influences

The groundbreaking masterpiece, “Blue Poles,” crafted by Jackson Pollock, profoundly resonates with DuNam Choi. This exceptional work, imbued with an unrivaled sense of freedom, artistic sophistication, intense emotionality, palpable dynamism, and grand scale, profoundly influences the artist.

In terms of future aspirations, Choi visualizes his solo works gracing the walls of illustrious galleries in cosmopolitan cities like Berlin and London. Concurrently, he envisages immersing himself in a vibrant, creative milieu through a residency program in one of these vibrant metropolises.

In addition to these ambitions, Choi’s fervor extends to joining the pantheon of artists showcasing their work at eminent international art fairs in Europe, such as Art Basel London. His profound desire is to contribute to, and participate in, these pulsating heartbeats of the global art scene, thereby enriching the contemporary art landscape.

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