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“I love oil, it is my faithful partner, however sometimes I share it in a mix media with Lapislazuli Pigment, which achieves almost photographic light effects.”

The Fusion of Cultures: The Artistic Journey of Cecilia Flaten

Inextricably bound to the rich tapestry of her Chilean-Norwegian lineage, Cecilia Flaten roots her identity as an artist in a cultural landscape teeming with diversity. Her proficiency as a multifaceted creator extends the boundaries of conventional artistry, transcending the confines of a singular form to gracefully embody the expressive domains of painting, dance, and theater. The dynamism of her two-decade artistic expedition is deeply embedded within the colorful matrix of her maternal grandmother’s intricate embroideries, narratives inspired by age-old Scandinavian legends.

Identified by the distinct approach of Neo-Impressionism, Flaten’s oeuvre is intrinsically tethered to the mesmerizing world of Norwegian mythology. With her brush’s expansive strokes, she infuses each canvas with pulsating life, articulating majestic visual narrations of the northern lights’ celestial dance, the surreal elegance of the midnight sun, the frost-tinged panoramas of the Arctic Polar region, and the raw allure of the Norwegian and Patagonian landscapes. Her artistry transcends mere creative output; it stands as a vivid testament to her deeply ingrained, culturally eclectic roots and the unique artistic perspective she has meticulously cultivated through years of immersive exploration.

The Artist’s Sanctuary: Flaten’s Home-Atelier

Within the sanctuary of her home-atelier, Cecilia Flaten has meticulously cultivated an ambiance that not only fosters, but also fortifies her artistic prowess. This sacred realm, an oasis suffused with an ethereal aura of tranquility and enchantment, offers sustenance to her creative pursuits, affording Flaten the freedom to traverse the vast expanses of her imaginative realm unfettered.

In the infancy of her artistic career, Flaten was profoundly swayed by the works of eminent Impressionists like Camille Corot and William Turner. Their stylistic approaches left an indelible mark on her artistic development, progressively molding her brush strokes and palette choices. With her evolution into the Neo-Impressionist realm, Edvard Munch’s profound influence began to surface distinctly in her artistry. Munch’s oeuvre endowed her compositions with fresh perspectives, compelling her to mine deeper into the fount of her creativity. This led to the birth of art pieces that not merely echo her technical skills, but also mirror the essence of her spirit.

The Choice of Medium: Flaten’s Signature Blend

Oil paint, in the hands of Cecilia Flaten, transforms into more than a simple implement for artistry; it becomes an esteemed ally in her expressive expedition. Flaten’s favored medium remains oil, yet, at times, she ventures to unite it with Lapislazuli Pigment. This bold fusion facilitates the capture of distinctive light effects on canvas, extending her artistic language.

Every work generated by Flaten serves as a reflective portal to her inner world, bearing witness to the vibrancy of her spirit. Each brush stroke she administers, each color she selects, each subtle nuance she incorporates, intertwines deeply with her core essence. This exceptional synthesis of Flaten’s spirit with her craftsmanship imbues a distinct personal touch within her artistry. Consequently, every piece she produces becomes an intimate fragment of herself, a personal revelation she graciously shares with the world.

The Ongoing Quest: Flaten’s Lifelong Project

Cecilia Flaten’s artistic odyssey is underpinned by a profound yet straightforward aspiration: to endure in her painterly endeavours until the culmination of her earthly existence, infusing every artwork she conjures with a profound depth of emotion and intellect. She cherishes the vision of adorning global dwellings and public spaces with the enchanting aura of her creations.

Embarking on this creative sojourn, Flaten’s objectives reach beyond the purview of mere artistic creation. Her ambition extends to harnessing her oeuvre as a conduit for conveying narratives and imparting experiences. In diffusing her art across the planetary expanse, her intent is not only to stimulate emotional responses and foster a sense of universal connectivity through the collective admiration of aesthetic beauty but also to engrave her own indelible mark on the canvas of the art world. Consequently, her lifelong endeavour stands as a compelling testament to her inexorable passion and her undying dedication towards imparting her distinct artistic perspective to the global community.

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