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“Art has always been my constant companion.”

A Journey into Existence: Carmelo Buffoli’s Early Years and Evolution

Carmelo Buffoli, a Swiss-Italian conceptual artist born in 1962, delves deeply into the nuances of existence through his craft. From his youth, Buffoli was exposed to an eclectic mix of artistic influences, ranging from the old masters and contemporary art to Arte Povera, Hieronymus Bosch, Caravaggio, and Pollock. Initially aspiring to be a photographer or graphic designer, he attended art school. However, he found its teachings too restrictive and linear, leading him to depart from the conventional academic path. Carmelo believed steadfastly that the essence of art couldn’t be confined to a classroom.

In the prime of his youth, Buffoli resided in Paris, subsequently founding an advertising firm in Zürich in 1993. Twelve years prior, the artist made the conscious decision to allocate more time to his long-standing aspiration of immersing himself in the artistic pursuit. For Buffoli, art remained an unwavering presence and companion throughout his life’s journey.

Conceptualizing Life’s Duality: Buffoli’s Artistic Themes and Techniques

Buffoli’s creations explore the dichotomy of rapid societal shifts juxtaposed against a backdrop of seeming stagnancy. His artworks prompt contemplation on the frenzied tempo of existence, nudging spectators to find delight in life’s subtleties. The artist frequently experiments with unorthodox materials like handmade paper and ink, seeking to render abstract thoughts into tactile experiences.

Carmelo’s pieces may initially strike observers as minimalist and graphic. However, a deeper examination reveals that elements are deliberately isolated and reduced to their quintessential shapes. The Swiss-Italian artist’s approach to ideation is comprehensive; it encompasses maintaining detailed diaries, sketching, and employing multimedia such as photographs and videos. These practices enable him to discern interrelations and spark creative concepts.

Inspirations and Creative Spaces: Inside Carmelo Buffoli’s Artistic World

Carmelo Buffoli’s artistic sensibilities are enriched by a diverse array of influences, spanning from prominent artists such as Hieronymus Bosch, Albrecht Dürer, and Caravaggio to the disruptive force of Gordon Matta-Clark. The artist also finds inspiration in the resilience and talent of female artists like Artemisia Gentileschi, Berthe Morisot, and Georgia O’Keeffe, acknowledging their struggles against societal norms. Buffoli’s creations are, therefore, a symphony of these diverse influences.

Inside his studio, Buffoli prioritizes space and quality, favoring a large table laden with premium artistic supplies, including superior Japanese ink. He also frequently travels to southern Italy, ensuring that his sketchbooks, brushes, and ink accompany him. During his creative process, he immerses himself in the rich culture and vibrant landscapes of the region, seeking to deepen his understanding and capture its essence in his artwork.

Embarking on Imaginary Expeditions: Noteworthy Creations of Carmelo Buffoli

One of the artist’s remarkable endeavors is ‘The Japanese House’, a conceptual art project and book that guides the audience through an explorative journey across five symbolic Japanese cities. Each city embodies one of the five elements in Buddhism: earth, water, air, fire, and emptiness. The project crescendos with the design of a Japanese house, encapsulating Buffoli’s visionary and architectural prowess.

Buffoli has ventured into diverse artistic mediums, including oil, oil pastel, watercolor, photography, and video. Nonetheless, he feels a profound affinity for the elemental simplicity of ink and paper, harmonizing seamlessly with his minimalist aesthetic. Currently, he is engaged in a unique initiative, leaving his shrink-wrapped diaries and night books—repositories of artistic text and sketches—in public spaces for serendipitous discovery. The works of Carmelo Buffoli have garnered acclaim, finding homes in collections across Switzerland, the USA, Canada, Italy, and Germany.

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