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“I love abstract painting because it allows each viewer to find their own story, memories, and dreams. And I do too.”

Roots in Carinthia, Wings in Vienna

Brigitte Oberlik-Burtscher, who currently resides in Vienna, finds her roots nestled in the scenic landscapes of Carinthia, located in southern Austria. The memories and impressions of her Carinthian upbringing are palpable presences in her artwork. While Oberlik-Burtscher’s initial ambitions aimed at the canvas of a painter, the paths of life guided her through the doors of economic education and the intricacies of interior design. This unconventional blend of experiences has not only enriched her perspectives but has also birthed a unique synergy between her design sensibilities and artistic endeavors.

Oberlik-Burtscher’s background in interior design is evident in her paintings, which showcase deliberate balance, proportion, and harmony. On the other hand, her penchant for painting influences her design projects, particularly in the realms of color, lighting, and narrative curation. Engagements with clients over the years have fine-tuned the artist’s empathetic instincts, enriching her art with deeper resonance.

Brigitte Oberlik-Burtscher: The Emotional Catalyst Behind Her Canvas

During her formative years, a young Brigitte was driven by a fervent desire for an outlet to express her profound emotions and sharp perceptions. The world of painting, with its vast spectrum from ecclesiastical art to minimalist designs, beckoned her. The encouragement she received from educators, paired with early accolades, reinforced her devotion to this medium.

Oberlik-Burtscher’s approach to painting is fluid and multifaceted. She gracefully oscillates between abstract gestures and passionate, unrestrained paint applications. One can often discern linear patterns in her work, reminiscent of scribbles or writing, yet absent of discernible characters. Especially in her acrylic and watercolor pieces, Oberlik-Burtscher emphasizes the texture of brushstrokes and the interplay of surfaces. Drawn to the enigmatic allure of abstract art, she sees her creations as portals for introspection and open interpretation. They invite viewers to rediscover emotions, recollections, or merely bask in their aesthetic allure. Nature, with its vastness and vibrant hues, acts as a muse for the artist, pushing her towards simplicity, rhythm, and structured beauty in her masterpieces.

Diverse Inspirations and Artistic Preferences

Brigitte Oberlik-Burtscher’s palette of inspirations is as vivid and varied as her artwork. She finds herself profoundly moved by the artistic prowess of the American Expressionists, the evocative hues of French Impressionists, and the graceful simplicity of Japanese calligraphy. While Oberlik-Burtscher’s appreciation spans across numerous art stalwarts, she is particularly taken by J.M.W. Turner’s masterpiece “Rain, steam and speed” and his marine portrayals. Very early such works reaffirmed her belief that art is not bound by mere replication but can evoke emotions far beyond the visible spectrum.

Her admiration also extends to Emil Nolde’s color palettes, the minimalist approaches of P. Soulages and A. Martin, and the raw energy of De Kooning and Joan Mitchell. Among her compatriots, the Austrian paintress Martha Jungwirth stands out as an influential figure. The artist has traversed a range of mediums in her journey—be it watercolor, acrylic, oil, monotype, or mixed media. Acrylics, with their uncomplicated nature, align seamlessly with Oberlik-Burtscher’s brisk artistic pace, while the convenience of watercolors resonates with her mobility, letting her paint at whim. Although she occasionally ventures into collage, her heart remains tethered to the pure, unadulterated realm of painting.

Brigitte Oberlik-Burtscher: A Glimpse Into Her Sanctuary and Aspirations

For Oberlik-Burtscher, creativity flourishes in solitude and silence—environments that amplify introspection. Her ideal workspace is expansive, allowing her the liberty to immerse herself in multiple projects concurrently. Visitors to her studio would find an eclectic mix of brushes, paints, canvases, and frames. Notably, her collection boasts a diverse range of papers, from indigenous Austrian handmade sheets to unique ones sourced from Nepal, Burma, and Japan. Amidst this artistic chaos, one might find an unexpected yet essential artifact: a coffee machine.

Beyond the confines of her studio, the artist dreams big. She would like to join artistic forces with a peer she reveres, and has already embarked on a unique project of crafting abstract portraits of her intimates. Another intriguing idea brewing in Oberlik-Burtscher’s mind is a retrospective journey, where she revisits her initial masterpieces, infusing them with her evolved skill set and personal metamorphoses.

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