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“My constant inspiration is the ocean, it has been a massive part of my life.”

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From Surfing to Sculpting: The Inspiring Journey of Ben Young

Ben Young is a glass artist from Mount Maunganui, New Zealand. He is a self-taught artist who draws inspiration from his passion for surfing, boat building, and the local landscape. Young is renowned for creating intricate glass sculptures by hand, using layering techniques and lighting to convey natural and organic shapes. He often incorporates industrial materials such as concrete into his work. Young’s art aims to explore the relationship between man and nature and evoke a sense of awe and nostalgia in viewers. He pays meticulous attention to detail and creates textures that embody the vastness and power of nature. Young’s art also creates a contrast between personal, nostalgic memories and the universal experience of contemplating the wonder and power of nature.

Currently, Young is working on crafting sculptures that feature a harmonious blend of laminated glass, cast concrete, and stainless steel. His artistic endeavors span across both free-standing and suspended pieces, which incorporate an innovative interplay of lighting. Young’s work in the realm of art has enabled him to forge meaningful relationships with an array of exceptionally inspiring individuals. He approaches his profession with a profound sense of appreciation and gratitude, recognizing that the privilege of doing what he loves also affords him the means to provide for his loved ones.

Ben Young’s Artistic Journey: The Ocean as Muse

In envisioning his optimal work setting, Ben Young imagines a capacious, well-lit expanse with dedicated stations tailored to each step of his workflow, all imbued with an atmosphere of enthusiastic positivity. To facilitate his endeavors, he would also desire the support of a capable team of assistants.

The ocean has served as a perennial muse throughout his existence, occupying an indispensable place in his life. From a tender age, he has never been domiciled beyond strolling distance from the vast expanse of the ocean, which has served as his playground through surfing and also connected to his erstwhile occupation as a boatbuilder. In essence, his artistic oeuvre is an earnest attempt to capture the alluring serenity and sublime grandeur of the oceanic expanse, as well as to encapsulate the expansive scope of the universe.

Ben Young’s Artistic Evolution in Glass and Concrete Sculptures

Throughout the years dedicated to creating his works, Ben Young meticulously refined his processes, pushing the boundaries of what was possible and overcoming technical obstacles with tenacity and determination. Through these efforts, he was able to create increasingly sophisticated and innovative pieces that challenged the limits of what could be achieved when combining two distinct materials.

One of the most satisfying moments in his artistic career was when he showcased his series of suspended circular pieces as part of his exhibition, ‘Sentiments of the Sublime’, in collaboration with the prestigious Red Sea Gallery in Singapore. This was the first time that he had ventured into the world of installation art, exploring the intricacies of displaying his work in a way that would truly captivate and move his audience. The feedback he received was overwhelmingly positive, and he felt a deep sense of satisfaction knowing that his efforts had paid off.

Ben Young’s Aspirations for Public Art with Kinetic and Monumental Sculptures

Looking to the future, Ben Young is eager to continue experimenting with new techniques and materials, seeking out new ways to push the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of glass and concrete art. His ultimate dream is to create a kinetic or monumental public artwork that will inspire and captivate audiences for generations to come. With this project, he hopes to animate the glass, imbuing it with a sense of vitality and gradually bringing it to life through the creation of a stunning mobile sculpture.

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