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“My artistic process is very experimental and can be defined as a continuous exploration on new combinations of forms and colours.”

A Scientific Muse in Artistic Expression

Barbara D’Angelo Månsson, an Italian-Swedish abstract painter, brings a unique blend of scientific rigor and artistic exploration to the canvas. With a PhD in Molecular Biology, Månsson’s scientific background profoundly influences her approach to art, emphasizing experimentation and exploration. This distinctive melding of science and art defines her creative process, where the quest for new forms, textures, and color combinations mirrors the experimental nature of scientific research. Her art, a continuous exploration of unconventional combinations of forms and colors, stands as a testament to the way her scientific education shapes her artistic creations.

Månsson’s work is an invitation to view the world through a lens that captures the essence of abstract thought, paralleling the inquisitive and analytical mindset of a scientist. The experimental aspect of her scientific background is evident in her art, as each piece serves as an inquiry into the relationships between shapes, textures, and subjects. This approach not only distinguishes her within the art world but also enriches the viewer’s experience, offering a perspective that intertwines the precision of science with the fluidity and expressiveness of art. By marrying these seemingly disparate worlds, Månsson challenges and expands the boundaries of what art can convey, making her creations resonate with a diverse audience seeking depth and meaning beyond the visual.

Barbara D’Angelo Månsson: The Inspirational Journey to Abstraction

Barbara D’Angelo Månsson’s artistic journey is a narrative of discovery, inspiration, and relentless experimentation. Born and raised in Italy, her passion for art began in her teens, exploring various mediums from charcoal, ink, and chalk drawings to photography with old Polaroid and LoMo cameras. Her relocation to Sweden for work marked a pivotal moment in her career, where she was captivated by the Nordic art scene, prompting a shift towards painting, primarily abstract subjects. Månsson’s time in the United States further enriched her artistic vocabulary, drawing strong inspiration from the American art scene, particularly the movements of Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art. This period was crucial for her development, as it was during this time that she continued to evolve her practice, capturing her life abroad’s perceptions through her paintings.

Upon returning to Sweden, where she currently resides, Månsson has maintained her commitment to experimenting with new techniques and materials, further defining her artistic style. Her work, characterized by an exploratory journey in search of unconventional combinations between shapes, textures, and subjects, reflects her deep connection to her surroundings. Månsson’s art seeks to bridge the intimate emotions of the human experience with the external world, encouraging reflection on our interactions with our environment and communities. This ongoing exploration and her varied influences—from the serene landscapes of Scandinavia to the dynamic American art scene—have culminated in a body of work that is both deeply personal and universally resonant, showcasing her journey not just as an artist, but as a perpetual seeker of new ways to express the complexities of life.

Barbara D’Angelo Månsson: Nurturing Creativity Amidst Chaos

In the heart of Barbara D’Angelo Månsson’s creative space, the presence of sand and chalk is indispensable, serving as the foundation for her unique artistic expression. These materials are key to building texture and highlighting contours in her paintings, reflecting the tactile essence of her work. Månsson embraces distraction as an integral part of her artistic process, viewing it not as an obstacle but as a catalyst for exploration and innovation. Her approach to painting is akin to a journey without a predefined destination, where initial ideas serve merely as a starting point for a creative exploration that may veer into unexpected territories. This openness to the unpredictable nature of the creative process allows her to integrate new discoveries into her work, enriching her art with layers of complexity and depth.

Handling distractions with grace, Månsson sees them as opportunities to diverge from the planned path, leading to the serendipitous discovery of new forms, textures, and compositions. This acceptance of the unpredictable enhances her ability to experiment and push the boundaries of her artistic expression. The lack of a rigid plan enables her to remain fluid and responsive to the evolving nature of her work, allowing the final piece to emerge organically from the interplay of intention, chance, and the intrinsic properties of her chosen materials. This philosophy not only defines her workspace as a dynamic environment of creation but also highlights her belief in the artistic journey as an ever-changing and evolving pursuit, where the final destination is but a reflection of the myriad paths explored along the way.

Evolving Through Influences: The Path to Impasto

The artistic evolution of Barbara D’Angelo Månsson has been profoundly shaped by her encounters with various art movements and techniques, particularly during her time in the United States. Immersing herself in the American art scene, she drew significant inspiration from the Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art movements. The revolutionary painting techniques of Jackson Pollock and the monochrome subjects of Mark Rothko deeply influenced her, instilling a strong appreciation for the power of abstract expression. Additionally, the works of George Rowlett and J. Gallagher, especially their use of the impasto technique, have had a lasting impact on her acrylic works. By adapting the impasto technique, Månsson has been able to infuse her paintings with a palpable sense of texture and depth, further enriching her exploration of form and color.

This blend of influences has guided Månsson towards a style that is distinctly her own, marked by a deep engagement with the materiality of paint and a commitment to experimentation. Her preferred medium, acrylic, is chosen for its vibrant colors and quick drying time, which suits her layered approach to painting. Månsson’s work is a testament to her belief in the transformative power of art, as she continuously seeks to push the boundaries of her medium. The significant piece, “The Long Journey to Find Yourself,” exemplifies this quest for self-discovery and emotional depth through art. It is a mixed-media painting that stands as an inner portrait, capturing the complex emotions and transformative experiences that shape one’s identity. Through her work, Månsson invites viewers into a reflective exploration of the self, offering a visual narrative that is both personal and universal. This commitment to exploring the human condition, coupled with her innovative use of materials and techniques, positions Månsson as a dynamic force in the contemporary art world, constantly evolving and seeking new ways to express the intricate dance between the internal and external landscapes that define our existence.

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