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“When I work, I enter a state of meditation without time or thought, only the work and me.”

An Artist Shaped by Andalusia: Arturo Javier Reyes Medina’s Diverse Artistic Journey

Arturo Javier Reyes Medina is a multi-disciplinary artist from Granada in Spain’s Andalusia region, an area rich in artistic and cultural traditions that have significantly influenced his artistic approach. He currently resides and works in Almeria, Spain, delving into both figurative and abstract themes. His oeuvre spans diverse mediums, including painting, sculpture, photography, digital art, and video.

A graduate in Fine Arts from the University of Granada, he specialized in plastic arts, particularly painting. Drawn by an insatiable curiosity, he traveled to the Netherlands, where he expanded his studies under scholarships at prestigious institutions such as Erasmus University Rotterdam and Academie voor Beeldende Vorming in Tilburg. Upon his return to Spain, Medina pursued a master’s in Pedagogy and began the initial phase of his PhD at the University of Granada.

Medina’s artworks echo a vibrant interplay of emotions. Each canvas transforms into a dialogue, capturing the synergy between his inner spirit and the vastness of the universe. His shift from traditional representations to innovative methods like bas-reliefs and digital media is not just aesthetic; it symbolizes his evolving journey. Across mediums like painting, sculpture, and digital art, Medina’s creations stand as a testament to his multifaceted spirit, continuously pushing boundaries and defying conventions.

Arturo’s Artistic Evolution: From Passionate Beginnings to Profound Experimentation

From his earliest years, Arturo Javier Reyes Medina showcased a deep passion for the arts, often immersing himself in drawing and coloring. His family, recognizing his budding talent, nurtured it by taking him to esteemed art museums, which deepened his appreciation for a range of artistic expressions. Throughout his teenage years, Arturo’s commitment to art remained unwavering, evident in his consistent doodling during high school lessons.

Upon entering the University of Granada, Arturo decided to further hone his artistic skills by enrolling in Fine Arts. The initial three years of his academic journey focused on traditional art methodologies. However, a transformative phase awaited him during a study trip to the Netherlands.

While in the Netherlands, Arturo was deeply influenced by its vibrant art scene. He encountered an art perspective that prioritized the conceptual essence—the underlying “why” of a piece—over just its technical prowess or the “how.” This philosophical approach to art opened new horizons for him, leading him into unexplored artistic territories.

Armed with this new understanding, Arturo began to diversify his techniques. He experimented with a range of materials and methods, marking a significant shift in his artistic journey. This expanded his creative repertoire and opened doors to fresh avenues of artistic expression. While I employ a diverse range of materials and processes in my projects, a consistent methodology anchors them all. Even though the materials might differ from one project to another, recurring thematic elements and subject matters connect them. The central theme of each project informs its choice of materials and overall structure.

Embracing Abstraction: Arturo Javier Reyes Medina’s Subconscious Creative Process

Arturo Javier Reyes Medina possesses a remarkable ability to adapt and thrive in various environments, demonstrating both flexibility and focus in his craft. Elements such as music, rain, and the sound of the sea often serve as catalysts for his creative process. By devoting significant time to analyzing his works, Medina can pinpoint potential flaws and actively seek solutions to enhance his artistic expressions. The artist’s creations, which are embodiments of his subconscious and continual experimentation, often stand on their own without necessitating an explanation, allowing viewers to connect with the pieces and engage their imaginations.

Eschewing labels, Reyes Medina’s artistic journey has steered him toward the realm of abstract art. Although he initially spent years engrossed in figurative expressionist pieces, he later delved into abstraction through digital imagery. Even though his current focus is primarily on abstraction, he hasn’t completely abandoned his fondness for figuration. Reyes Medina’s artwork often incorporates a diverse array of materials such as seaweed, cans, driftwood, flowers, and oil paint. The artist has also embraced the use of light and fluorescent pigments in his pictorial objects, integrating LED systems, and using reactive pigments to ultraviolet light. He has even dabbled in video art.

Central to his artwork is the inherent tension between the heart and the friction of the soul with the world and oneself. Reyes Medina’s pieces evoke emotions resonating with the human experience, reflecting the artist’s unending quest for profound expression.

Arturo Reyes Medina: Conveying Deep Truths and Sensory Interplay

Arturo Reyes Medina’s art is a vivid expression of his feelings towards the world’s truths. It portrays figures in intricate situations, each marked by a subtle tension. While his pieces may initially appear decorative, they conceal profound and significant meanings. The style intertwines modernism and sensuality, showcasing characters that seem distant or enshrouded in mystery. Through his art, Medina underscores a universal desire to mold one’s own reality. This perspective is shared by Antonio Peréz Pineda, a professor at the University of Granada, Spain.

“Neuchatel,” viewable at this link, is a multifaceted piece that seamlessly blends visual and auditory art. It delves into the age-old associations between color and music, exploring synesthesia – a phenomenon where one sensory experience triggers another. Famed composers such as Alexander Scriabin and Olivier Messiaen have explored this concept previously. “Neuchatel” aspires to evoke synesthesia in its audience, allowing them to intuitively perceive the interplay between colors and sounds. Starting with a lifelike image, the artwork transitions into abstraction, manipulating basic elements like points, lines, and planes. However, it transcends mere visual intrigue; it offers a comprehensive aesthetic voyage, especially when showcased as a grand exhibit paired with live music. Each viewing promises a unique emotional experience.

Art with a Message: Arturo Javier Reyes Medina’s Advocacy and Aspirations

Arturo Javier Reyes Medina’s creations passionately address crucial global concerns such as pollution, climate change, and social injustices. He envisions a world where emotions take precedence over fleeting sensations, and where serenity triumphs over the frantic tempo of modern life. A prime example is “Ying-Yang,” a pivotal artwork for Reyes Medina. Diverging from his previous two-dimensional and figurative works, this piece marks a transformative phase in his artistic journey. It showcases Reyes Medina’s trailblazing approach to painted assemblage and heralds his signature style that melds inventive use of reclaimed materials with heartfelt abstract expressionism.

Reyes Medina dreams of establishing an art school in the historic Albaycin district of Granada, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. He envisions a residency program where scholarship recipients can fully immerse themselves in their art, with all their necessities provided for. The core philosophy of this institution will emphasize mastery of art fundamentals while also championing innovative techniques and creativity. This sanctuary aims to become a global hub for budding artists to refine and showcase their artistic prowess.

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