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“My art reflects my journey through life, being creative and as a self-taught artist I understood the power that one has inside to self-develop, to boost his confidence and achieve his goals if he really believes in himself.”

The Genesis of a Self-Taught Visionary

Aristi Hadjisavva‘s artistic journey defies conventional paths. Born in the vibrant city of Paphos, Cyprus, her early life was not that of a typical artist. With a background in Business Administration and Hotel Management, Hadjisavva initially found her professional calling in the family textiles business. This unexpected detour, however, played a pivotal role in shaping her artistic sensibilities. Surrounded by the rich tapestry of colors and textures in her father’s fabric shop, Hadjisavva’s environment became a fertile ground for her creative awakening. At 28, a profound internal necessity to express her worries about the world and her personal psychosynthesis at the time of creation propelled her into the world of art.

This self-taught artist’s beginnings were rooted in an exploration of various subjects like portraits, animals, and still life. However, as she evolved on her artistic journey, a deeper, more introspective theme emerged. Hadjisavva began to delve into the realms of human emotions and feelings, choosing the human body and face as her canvas to express these intricate sentiments. Her early works, characterized by the use of pastels, soon gave way to her preferred medium of oils, and more recently, acrylics. The transition in her choice of mediums reflects her evolving artistic narrative and her fearless approach to experimentation and self-expression.

Aristi Hadjisavva: A Palette of Emotions and Expressions

In the art of Aristi Hadjisavva art, each stroke and color is a testament to her emotional journey and her view of the world. Her paintings, characterized by an expressionistic use of color and line, exude an emotional intensity that is deeply personal yet universally relatable. For Hadjisavva, art is not just a form of expression but a means of liberation, allowing her to convey her feelings freely and passionately. This sentiment is evident in her contemporary realism and abstract art, where each piece is a snapshot of her emotional state at the moment of creation.

Her artistic inspirations are as diverse as her style. Drawing from the vibrant colors of life and the complex tapestry of human emotions, Hadjisavva’s work often revolves around themes of silence, pain, joy, and introspection. Her portraits and nude figures are especially poignant, serving as mirrors to the myriad emotions that shape the human experience. Moreover, her fascination with Greek and Cypriot mythology adds a unique dimension to her work, marrying ancient narratives with a modern, neo-cubistic approach. This blend of contemporary realism, abstraction, and mythology, all rendered in bold and strong colors, marks Hadjisavva’s unique signature in the art world.

The Sanctum of Creativity: Aristi Hadjisavva’s Studio

Aristi Hadjisavva’s studio is more than just a workspace; it is a crucible where her artistic visions come to life. Situated in a tranquil area with a panoramic view of the city, her studio is a reflection of her artistic philosophy – a blend of serenity and focus. Despite the potentially distracting scenic vista, Hadjisavva finds her studio to be a place of deep concentration. In this space, she transcends the mundane, entering a realm where time and space yield to the rhythms of creativity. Surrounded by canvases, easels, sketches, and brushes, each element of her studio plays a role in her creative process. The ample light and positive energy in her studio do not just illuminate her workspace but also contribute to her inspiration, fueling her artistic endeavors.

The music that fills her studio is another vital component of her creative process. For Hadjisavva, music is not just background noise; it is an integral part of her artistic journey, guiding her brush strokes and influencing the mood of her creations. This harmonious blend of visual and auditory elements creates a unique atmosphere where her creativity flourishes. The studio, with its organized chaos of art supplies and the constant presence of ongoing projects, serves as a tangible representation of Hadjisavva’s artistic journey. It is here that she challenges herself, breaking free from her comfort zone and continually experimenting with new styles and techniques. This constant evolution is a hallmark of her work, keeping it fresh, dynamic, and endlessly fascinating.

Aristi Hadjisavva: Future Aspirations and Artistic Recognition

Aristi Hadjisavva’s artistic journey is far from static; she continually sets new goals and dreams for her future. One of her most ambitious projects is the creation of a new collection of paintings in combination with sculptures. This project, still in the ideation phase, represents a new challenge for Hadjisavva, as she explores various styles and materials to bring her vision to life. Her excitement and enthusiasm for this endeavor are palpable, reflecting her ever-present passion for exploring new artistic frontiers. This pursuit of artistic growth and development is a testament to her belief in the power of self-improvement and confidence in one’s abilities, principles that have guided her throughout her career.

Hadjisavva’s talents have not gone unrecognized. Gaining significant recognition in Cyprus, she has been featured in art magazines and the national press multiple times. Her international acclaim includes being featured in the World Wide Art Book volume 5 and emerging as a winner in three online contests. Her artworks have graced the pages of international online magazines, further solidifying her position in the global art community. Her participation in over 35 exhibitions, spanning from Cyprus to New York, England, Greece, Italy, and virtual exhibitions like SWISSARTEXPO, showcases the broad appeal of her work. A notable achievement was her artwork’s selection as one of the top 12 at a London exhibition in 2017, a recognition that led to its permanent feature on the organizer’s website.

Hadjisavva’s journey is a blend of self-discovery, continuous evolution, and a celebration of the human spirit through art. Her story is one of inspiration, demonstrating the power of passion, dedication, and the unrelenting pursuit of artistic expression. As she continues to evolve and explore new horizons in her art, Aristi Hadjisavva remains a beacon of creativity and innovation in the contemporary art world.

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