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From Houston to Exeter: The Roots of Aris Moore’s Artistic Identity

Aris Moore‘s journey from the vibrant landscapes of Houston, Texas, to the serene ambiance of Exeter, New Hampshire, encapsulates a fascinating transition that has significantly shaped her artistic path. Growing up in Houston infused Moore with an energy that became a cornerstone of her playtime, an energy that seamlessly transitioned into her quieter moments of drawing. These early sketches, far from mere pastimes, served as silent companions, enriching the solitude around her with their presence. This foundational relationship with drawing not only provided solace but also laid the groundwork for her current studio work in Exeter, where her creations resonate with the echoes of her childhood’s dynamic energy.

In Exeter, Moore’s studio is a vivid reflection of her journey, brimming with figures that are alive with narratives, each telling stories that trace back to her vibrant Houston upbringing. This transition from a bustling city to a tranquil town mirrors the evolution of her art, highlighting how changes in environment can deeply influence an artist’s work. Moore’s early experiences in Houston have undeniably shaped her approach to art, imbuing her pieces with a unique blend of vitality and introspection. Her work today, a bridge between her past and present, showcases a profound connection to her roots, demonstrating how her childhood in Houston has been a pivotal influence on her path into the art world.

Exploring the Unknown: The Creative Process of Aris Moore

Aris Moore’s artistic endeavor is a compelling exploration of the gray areas that lie between reality and presentation, where the boundaries of what we show to the world blur with what is truly real. This fascination with the indistinct lines that delineate the visible from the hidden underpins her creative process, shaping a unique approach to her work. By engaging in a delicate dance of drawing, erasing, and blending, Moore delves into the spaces between known and unknown, adulthood and childhood, crafting experiences that are at once revealing and reserved. This process is not just about creation but also about exploration—venturing into the depths of the human experience to uncover the complex layers of reality and presentation.

The manipulation of facial features in Moore’s pencil portraits stands as a testament to her quest to surface the interior lives of her subjects. Through distortion and the introduction of subtle strangeness, she aims to reveal more than what is immediately apparent, often employing flashes of color to accentuate the narrative. This deliberate creation of discomfort is a crucial element of her work, pushing the boundaries of conventional portraiture to explore deeper emotional truths. Moore’s approach to art, characterized by a blend of distortion and detail, invites viewers into a world where the line between reality and presentation is not just blurred but beautifully intertwined, offering a window into the unseen aspects of human existence.

The Quest for Connection Through Art

The longing for connection and understanding has always been a profound influence in Aris Moore’s artwork, particularly intensified after the loss of her grandmother. This yearning to bridge the gap between the present and the past, to feel closer to her departed loved one, has deeply shaped Moore’s approach to her art. Her pieces, characterized by a poignant sense of solitude—even when depicting multiple figures—reveal a complex exploration of loneliness and the desire for connection. Moore finds the dynamic between multiple figures especially intriguing, as they can express an even deeper sense of isolation through their interactions. This nuanced exploration of loneliness and connection reflects Moore’s personal journey and her attempt to navigate the complexities of human relationships through her art.

The impact of this longing is evident in the emotional depth of Moore’s work, where each piece serves as a conduit for understanding and connection. Whether it’s a single subject caught in a moment of reflection or multiple figures interacting within a shared space, Moore’s art encapsulates the intricate dance of solitude and companionship. This focus on capturing the essence of human connections, or the lack thereof, offers viewers a mirror to their own experiences of loneliness and the universal search for understanding. Through her art, Moore not only navigates her personal journey of loss and connection but also invites her audience to reflect on their own experiences, creating a shared space of empathy and introspection.

Aris Moore: Teaching, Learning, and Growing

Aris Moore’s experience as an art teacher has been a significant source of inspiration and growth in her artistic journey. Teaching art to adolescents—a period marked by vulnerability and discovery—has provided Moore with invaluable insights into the human condition, which she skillfully weaves into her work. This exposure to the transformative years of her students has not only enriched her understanding of human nature but has also deepened her exploration of themes such as identity, growth, and the intricacies of the human psyche. Moore’s role as an educator allows her to witness firsthand the struggles and triumphs of adolescence, imbuing her art with a sense of authenticity and empathy that resonates with a wide audience.

Moreover, Moore’s advice to aspiring artists emphasizes the importance of relentless work and the pursuit of playfulness in the creative process. She advocates for a journey back to oneself, rediscovering the joy and authenticity that often gets overshadowed by the pursuit of trends or external validation. This ethos of engaging deeply with one’s work, experimenting without fear, and embracing the playful aspects of creativity is a reflection of Moore’s own approach to art and teaching. Her belief in the transformative power of art, both as a form of personal expression and as a tool for educational growth, underscores the interconnectedness of her work as an artist and educator. Through her teaching and her art, Moore seeks to inspire a sense of exploration and discovery, encouraging both her students and her audience to embrace the challenges and rewards of the creative journey.

In her participation in “The Familiars” show and her upcoming features in publications like “The Creative Block,” Aris Moore views these opportunities as milestones in her evolving artistic journey. These platforms not only offer her the chance to share her work with a broader audience but also to engage with the art community on a deeper level. Her involvement in these projects is a testament to the growth and evolution of her work, marking significant moments in her career that reflect both personal achievement and the ongoing dialogue around art and its impact. Moore’s journey—from her vibrant beginnings in Houston to her reflective studio practice in Exeter, and from her insightful role as an educator to her celebrated position within the art community—embodies a relentless pursuit of growth, exploration, and the unending quest to connect through the universal language of art.

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