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“I’m an abstract artist who embraces minimalism, explores the language of form, and constantly seeks inspiration while staying true to my inner vision.”

Igniting the Artistic Passion: Alicia Gimeno’s Journey Begins

Alicia Gimeno is an abstract artist residing in Barcelona who embarked on her professional journey in the art realm a mere two years ago. The reception to Gimeno’s artistic oeuvre has been overwhelmingly positive, with audiences across social media platforms showing support from the beginning. Furthermore, Gimeno has also found a welcoming space within the global art community.

Gimeno’s profound artistic talent has found a nurturing home at Lab36, an art gallery in Barcelona. This esteemed establishment has persistently fostered her burgeoning career, propelling her into the international spotlight. Today, her reach extends far beyond her home city, with representation at the Arie Art Agency in Geneva and the Sugarlift gallery in New York. Her artistic prowess has been recognized on numerous prestigious platforms, as evidenced by her participation in international art fairs and acquisitions of her work by renowned foundations.

Despite this surge in recognition and acclaim, Gimeno remains conscientiously rooted in her artistic integrity. She values feedback, but is clear that the evolution of her work must primarily be the outcome of introspection and personal growth, rather than an adaptation to external opinions or market trends.

Prior to immersing herself in the world of contemporary art, Gimeno honed her skills in the realm of graphic design. She also gained valuable insights while working in art galleries, testament to her longstanding passion for visual arts. Although she has consistently engaged in painting and narrative illustration outside of her professional sphere, it took time for Gimeno to fully embrace the mantle of a professional artist. This leap of faith has proven rewarding, validating her artistic prowess and shaping a journey that continues to inspire.

The Captivating Language of Monochromatic Art: Alicia Gimeno’s Palette

The trajectory of an artist’s career is often both labyrinthine and precarious, requiring a unique catalyst, an inner ignition that propels one towards their destined stage. For Alicia Gimeno, this crucible was ignited by the impending arrival of her daughter. As the pulse of new life stirred within her, an overwhelming imperative to pursue her artistic vocation emerged. This career choice was not a quest for security, but rather, a fierce inheritance of passion. Gimeno sought to impart a life illuminated by dedication to one’s passion, emboldening the example set by pursuing a course aligned with her innate calling.

Gimeno’s artistic palette is imbued with minimalistic hues. A profound statement of black on white, her work allows form to metamorphose into a distinct language. The spectrum of fluidity, tension, and fragility are intertwined within her compositions, underscoring the expressive potential inherent in a monochromatic form set against a stark background. Moreover, Gimeno often opts for raw materials, such as wood and linen, letting their natural integrity echo through her work as an integral part of her artistic message.

Despite the apparent simplicity of black on white, Gimeno continually challenges this palette, dedicating her time to the exploration of new mediums. She revels in manipulating textures, playing with the dichotomy of matte versus glossy finishes. Her commitment to artistic exploration eschews the notion of confining herself to a single medium. Instead, Gimeno perceives a vast continuum of possibilities, demonstrating her unwavering intention to remain a versatile and ever-evolving artist.

The Tranquil Space of Artistic Creation: Alicia Gimeno’s Solitary Sanctuary

Alicia Gimeno’s artistic practice thrives in a cocoon of solitude, with the bare essentials of space, the calming touch of natural light, a subtle undercurrent of classical music, and the indispensable tools of her craft at her disposal. The artist’s inclinations lean towards an introspective nature, the tranquility that can be mistaken for distraction, becomes an elemental source of creativity for her. When consumed by administrative tasks such as bookkeeping or sorting through emails, Gimeno acknowledges the complexities that these routine tasks pose. However, the transition to a creative mindset is an automatic switch for her. As if under a spell, Gimeno immerses herself in the process of artistic creation, losing track of hours in her seamless, undisturbed workflow.

The conceptual framework of Gimeno’s artistry delves into the intricate exploration of form and the enigmatic voids that exist within it. This fascination draws her close to the sculptural mastery of Eduardo Chillida, a connection that is difficult for her to conceal. Moreover, the powerful works of Jean Arp and Henry Moore never cease to ignite her imagination.

Among contemporary artists, Gimeno feels a magnetic pull towards Carla Cascales’ work, drawn to the sensual allure that characterizes Cascales’ oeuvre. She is equally enthralled by the enticing gestural vocabulary of Yago Hortal and Richard Zinon, two artists who are not only her contemporaries but also sources of inspiration and admiration.

Evolving Boundaries: Alicia Gimeno’s Artistic Exploration Unleashed

In the pantheon of her creative output, Alicia Gimeno draws particular attention to a recent monumental piece, a 36-metre mural that graced Paris just a month prior. This work allowed Gimeno to delve into a new realm of artistic exploration, specifically the experience of gesturality unbound by the confines of a traditional canvas. It presented an opportunity for her body to engage in unrestricted movement, tracing an array of shapes across the vast expanse of space. The completion of this commissioned piece was a joyous moment for the artist.

Speaking to influences from other artists, Gimeno finds it challenging to isolate a single piece due to the profound impact numerous works have had on her. However, she does hold Henry Moore’s “Recumbent Figure 1938” in high regard. As one of Moore’s earliest sculptures, its elegance is encapsulated in each curve, with every arc distinctively capturing the formative essence of a female body, an aspect Gimeno finds aesthetically pleasing.

Regarding Gimeno’s career trajectory, the future remains shrouded in uncertainty. She maintains a resolution to savor each phase of her artistic journey, welcoming the emergence of new projects with an open heart. Whether her future path veers towards the discipline of sculpture, or perhaps circles back to the realm of literature, integrating poetry with her art, only time will tell. With a multitude of prospective endeavors orbiting her consciousness, Gimeno finds it challenging to rein in these ideas and accord them the meticulous attention they deserve.

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