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“Art is as personal as a diary: I paint what moves me.”

Alexandra Huelbach: Art as a Lifelong Companion

Alexandra Huelbach‘s artistic journey commenced in 1989, in the vibrant corridors of the Cologne School of Painting, while she concurrently navigated the complexities of legal studies. Initially drawn to a more figurative style, her craft gracefully transformed over two decades, reflecting a shift towards abstraction. Her creativity in art, e.g. looking at something from a different angle or thinking “out of the box”, could also be used again and again in her legal work: she graduated with honours and joined a prestigious law firm in Düsseldorf, eventually transitioning to RTL Television, where she specialized in international film licensing law. Her passion for art,however, remained steadfast, becoming a constant companion since 1990, allowing her to articulate her emotions and introspections through her creations.

Art with Purpose: Themes and Techniques in Alexandra Huelbach ‘s Creations

Alexandra’s creations delve into poignant themes, addressing issues such as women’s empowerment, racial discrimination, and environmental conservation. The artist astutely aligns her choice of materials with the subject matter, ensuring each piece resonates with its intended message. For example, in a series championing women’s rights, she employed glass plates with lines of the finger prints painted on them atop portraits, facilitating an immersive interaction. A major theme throughout is environmental protection; in many series she has explored the theme of water and nature to raise awareness of what we need to protect: the oceans and nature. To create a feeling of “being at the beach” without plastic, she uses different layers of resin, colored with pigment or ink.

Furthermore, some of Huelbach’s artworks are intimately tethered to her personal experiences. A corridor designed for the children’s cardiology department at the University Hospital in Cologne speaks volumes of her emotional investment, driven by her daughter’s severe cardiac ailment. Another piece incorporates a musical composition played by her daughter, revealing the deeply personal narratives embedded within her art.

Inspirations and Exhibitions: The Global Footprint of Alexandra Huelbach

In the evolution of her artistic narrative, Alexandra Huelbach draws inspiration from trailblazers such as Niki de Saint Phalle, Gerhard Richter, and Peter Zimmermann. These iconic figures, known for their innovative explorations, have motivated her to meticulously select materials that resonate with her themes. Huelbach’s art, akin to a personal diary, encapsulates her experiences and emotions, mirroring her journey through life.

The artist’s work has garnered international acclaim, gracing esteemed platforms such as Artweek Miami, the Venice Biennale, SwissartExpo Zurich, and Art Berlin, and including galleries in Dubai, Spain, Greece, and Germany. Her creations have found homes across continents, from South Africa and the USA to Switzerland, Germany, and Spain. For an immersive exploration of her portfolio, enthusiasts are encouraged to visit her website (https://www.artbyalexhuelbach.de) and Instagram profile (https://www.instagram.com/artbyalexhuelbach).

The Artistic Sanctuary: Huelbach’s Creative Process and Aspirations

In her workspace, Alexandra prioritizes crafting an atmosphere that nurtures her creativity. She sequesters herself from distractions by silencing her phone and allowing music to permeate her surroundings. Despite encountering occasional hurdles, Huelbach perseveres, discovering that serendipitous errors can lead to wonderful new creations. Her process is a testament to her unwavering commitment to her craft.

Alexandra harbors a dream of curating a space within Museum Ludwig, with diverse works all with different materials unified by the theme of nature preservation. This vision exemplifies her conviction in the power of art as a conduit for impactful messages, reaffirming her belief in the transformative capacity of varied artistic expressions

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