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“My work’s dominant component is cyclicality, with symbolic elements reappearing in various forms, upgraded by looped recollection of ideas and impulses.”

Alberto Ballocca: A Journey Through Artistic Evolution

Alberto Ballocca‘s artistic journey is a tapestry of cultural influences and personal experiences, deeply rooted in his Italian upbringing and enriched by his travels between Turin and Amsterdam. Ballocca’s initiation into the world of art began at the age of 19, marking the start of a path that would see him transition from a regular job to fully dedicating himself to artistic research in 2018. The artist’s background is unique, as he hails from a middle-class family with an artisan father. This upbringing, though not directly related to art, provided him with mechanical and electrotechnical experiences that became spiritual thrusts, transforming technical operations into creative acts. His works are not just expressions of talent but are also reflections of a rich academic background subtly infused with artisanal influences.

The artist’s creations are deeply influenced by ancient philosophy, mythology, and cultures. This fascination is not merely academic; it forms the backbone of his artistic inspiration. Ballocca’s dialogue about these themes helps him understand and articulate his awareness and knowledge, providing a deeper context to his artworks. Music, too, plays a pivotal role in his creative process, acting as a significant influence from the very beginning of his artistic career. This blend of historical depth, philosophical inquiry, and musical inspiration makes Ballocca’s work stand out, offering a glimpse into a world where ancient wisdom meets modern expression.

The Artistic Style of Alberto Ballocca: Beyond the Physical

The dominant underlying component of Alberto Ballocca’s work is the cyclicality within which various symbolic elements continuously reappear in upgraded forms. This recurring theme is a hallmark of his style, allowing ideas and impulses to evolve and resurface in his creations. His paintings often feature characters from mythology and philosophy, yet these figures are placed in contexts far removed from their traditional narratives. This approach gives his works a ‘metaphysical’ quality, transcending the physical and the conventional to create art that speaks on multiple levels.

Alberto’s artistic style is a unique amalgamation of elements that challenge and redefine the conventional boundaries of art. The artist’s workspace is a crucible of creativity where he mixes layers of acrylics, oil, pastels, and pigments. His sculptural works are just as diverse, combining materials like ferrous waste, electronic components, wood, clay, marble, and more. This eclectic mix of mediums and materials in Ballocca’s studio is essential for what he describes as “logical fun,” a creative process that is as spontaneous as it is thoughtful. The result is a body of work that is rich, varied, and constantly evolving, reflecting the artist’s deep engagement with his materials and his art.

Influences and Inspirations: The Artistic Mentors of Alberto Ballocca

Alberto Ballocca’s artistic influences are as varied and profound as his works. His visit to Artissima in Turin opened his eyes to a plethora of artistic styles and expressions, leaving him inspired by every artist he encountered. However, certain names stand out in his list of influential figures: Giorgio De Chirico, C.Y. Twombly, William Kendridge, Basquiat, and Ambera Wellman, among others. His exposure to these artists has not just informed his artistic style but has also broadened his understanding of the artistic spectrum. Furthermore, Ballocca expresses admiration for oriental and African artists like Xavier Daniels, El-Annatsui, Ali Elmaci, and Jongsuk Yoon, highlighting his appreciation for global artistic traditions.

The profound impact of these influences is evident in Ballocca’s work, which often echoes the thematic and stylistic elements of these masters while retaining a distinct personal touch. His engagement with these diverse artistic influences is not merely imitative; it is transformative, allowing him to assimilate various styles and techniques into his unique artistic language. Ballocca’s ability to draw inspiration from a wide array of sources – from the poetry of ancient cultures to the bold strokes of modern art – demonstrates his versatility as an artist and his commitment to an ever-evolving creative process.

The Vision and Future of Alberto Ballocca

Discussing a specific piece that holds special meaning to him, Alberto Ballocca describes “Sacred Soup-Port,” a mixed-media canvas that embodies his unique approach to art. This artwork is significant for its emulation of ancient linguistic mechanisms and its depiction of funerary ideas. Through this piece, Ballocca explores the concept of belief, merging symbols and language to create a multi-layered narrative. The importance of this work to the artist is clear, as it not only represents his artistic skills but also his ability to weave complex ideas into his creations.

Looking towards the future, Ballocca dreams of contributing to the art world through events, talks, and curatorial projects. His current endeavor, the ‘Orama Project’, showcases his commitment to environmental sustainability, with a pledge to plant a tree for every artwork sold. This project, displayed in Amsterdam, reflects his ongoing exploration of the relationship between nature and art, drawing on Greek and Egyptian symbols and concepts. For Ballocca, art is not just a means of expression but a way of life, a continuous journey of discovery and creation. His goal is not just to live off his art but to continue his research and exploration, thereby enriching both his work and the broader artistic community.

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