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“I believe that my main role in life is to give meaning through art because I think that a meaningless life is not worth living.”

Unraveling Adam Martinakis’ Artistic Journey

Adam Martinakis, a fusion of Polish and Greek heritage, commenced his existence in Poland before venturing to Athens, Greece at the tender age of ten due to a family relocation. It was in the heart of this vibrant city that the significant stages of his life unraveled. The academic pursuits of Martinakis were channeled towards Interior Design and Decorative Arts, a course that not only honed his skills but also set the foundation for his illustrious career. The rich tapestry of Greek art history has left a discernible imprint on his work, with his multicultural upbringing subtly permeating his creations, often at a subconscious level.

In his formative years, Martinakis was intrigued by the aesthetics of painting and the meticulous craft of cartography, nurturing a fervent desire to amass a collection of maps. This early interest foreshadowed the intriguing complexity of his later artwork. However, fate had a distinct pathway in mind; the realm of Interior Architecture became his first artistic rendezvous. This period also saw Martinakis introduced to the captivating world of 3D, photo, and video editing. The allure of these mediums was irresistible to him, paving the way for the commencement of his exploration into free artistic creations, thus marking the inception of his journey as an artist.

The Captivating World of Adam Martinakis’ Creations

Adam Martinakis developed a profound affinity for Digital 3D, a medium he initially mastered for architectural applications. The captivating potential of this method led him to select it as his principal medium. Concurrently, Martinakis maintains an active practice in painting and collage creation. A burgeoning interest in the blending of mixed media, including 3D and Artificial Intelligence (AI), is a recent addition to his artistic exploration. He perceives AI as an impending wave, advancing towards us with breathtaking velocity.

Martinakis revels in the freedom to experiment with diverse artistic styles within his oeuvre. He occasionally identifies himself in jest as an “art style maker”, testament to the flexibility that 3D presents. Of late, he exhibits an increasing affinity for semi-abstract and semi-figurative expressions. Martinakis’ works primarily constitute philosophical visual inquiries, wrestling with metaphysical conundrums such as “What is our essence?” and “What constitutes life and the fundamental aspects of nature?” The human form, due to its expressive quality and his subjective perception of the world from a human vantage point, assumes a central role in his creations.

Influences and Inspirations: Shaping Adam Martinakis’ Vision

Adam Martinakis draws profound influences from the luminary artists of the first half of the 20th century, an era notable for its seismic shifts in artistic expression. The indelible impression left on Martinakis by the Bauhaus movement and such avant-garde virtuosos as Paul Klee, Willem de Kooning, and Jackson Pollock, has significantly shaped his own artistic voice.

Moreover, his creative vision has been informed by the metaphysical oeuvre of filmmakers including the likes of Stanley Kubrick, Andrei Tarkovsky, and David Lynch. The profundity and complexity of their works have served as a catalyst for his artistic perspective.

One of the artist’s seminal works, the “Labyrinth of Time,” conceptualized in 2020, stands as a testament to his creative exploration. This artwork epitomizes his musings on the concept of time as a continuum, interweaving the past, present, and future in an inseparable whole that concurrently influences itself. Nonetheless, he acknowledges that human perception often constrains this fluidity into a linear narrative.

The elusive nature of time, difficult to fully apprehend, is what lends this piece of work its critical significance for Martinakis. The intricate blend of themes and thought-provoking insights solidifies his position as an artist willing to explore the less trodden paths of conceptual artistry.

Inside Adam Martinakis’ Creative Space and Philosophies

In Adam Martinakis’ carefully curated workspace, the essentials are distilled to a streamlined desk, a high-performance computer, select software programs, and indispensable internet connectivity — all to bring his digital 3D masterpieces to life. While his paintings and collages necessitate a slightly expanded spatial arrangement, Martinakis adeptly manages these requirements.

Martinakis’ nocturnal tendencies shine as he frequently delves deep into the night, immersing himself wholly within the realms of creativity, ensuring a workspace free from disturbances.

When inspiration strikes, Martinakis doesn’t hesitate. Currently, his artistic endeavors are focused on visually interpreting the profound philosophical tenets of Idealism, a belief emphasizing the mental essence of the world. For him, his paramount purpose is to imbue existence with meaning through his artistic expressions, anchored in the conviction that a life devoid of significance is one that falls short of its potential.

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