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“I think we’ve all imagined we are in music videos while listening to our favourite songs, so that is always happening in my head and I try to recreate the moods & thoughts while editing.”

A Passion for Photography: Tracing Nayko’s Artistic Journey

Nina Nayko, born Nini Kachakhidze, is a 24-year-old photographer and content creator hailing from Tbilisi, Georgia. Her art is deeply rooted in the rich atmosphere of her homeland, where she derives inspiration from the abundant natural beauty and diverse architectural wonders. With each exploration of her surroundings, Nayko discovers novel subjects that captivate her photographic sensibilities.

From a young age, Nayko displayed an innate artistic proclivity. She began drawing at a mere three years of age, and over time, her interest in art steadily grew. At 13, she encountered a tablet with a built-in camera, which ignited her passion for photography. She delighted in capturing images, editing them, and sharing her creations with others. Despite initially contemplating a career in drawing, Nayko even started studying fashion design at an academy of arts. Yet, midway through her studies, she realized the pivotal role that photography had come to play in her life.

Upon completing her academic pursuits, Nayko resolved to transform her hobby into a professional venture. She began orchestrating photoshoots and seeking out clients, steadily establishing herself as a promising artist in the world of photography.

Unconventional Artistry: The Evolving Aesthetic of Nina Nayko

Nina Nayko’s stylistic approach to her artwork does not confine itself to a single category. Her aesthetic is ever-evolving, encompassing a dynamic fusion of influences and techniques. Known for her ability to capture and animate her surroundings, Nayko employs a broad spectrum of editing techniques that bring her subjects to life. Her diverse portfolio ranges from street photography to architecture, nature, and spontaneous captures of anything that captivates her attention during her explorations. Nayko’s professional endeavors extend beyond the personal, encompassing assignments in fashion and architectural photography. Unwaveringly, she remains receptive to any opportunities that may come her way, demonstrating an openness to new and diverse experiences.

Nayko cites music as one of her most significant artistic inspirations. Her musical tastes are varied, extending well beyond the confines of what she might select for her content. Often, she imagines herself within the context of a music video when listening to her favorite tracks. Nayko seeks to emulate the moods and thoughts evoked by these musical experiences in her editing process. In choosing a soundtrack for her content, Nayko meticulously matches the visual material to the mood of the accompanying song, sorting through numerous options until she achieves the ideal harmony between sound and image.

Solitude and Exploration: The Multifaceted World of Nayko’s Art

Nina Nayko thrives when working in solitude, accompanied only by music as she meticulously edits her photographs. Handling distractions can be particularly challenging for her, given that a significant portion of her work is derived from social media platforms. The constant need to check her phone for updates often proves to be a disruptive influence, and Nayko admits that she is still mastering the art of effective time management.

In regard to her preferred medium, Nayko has explored various artistic disciplines. Early in her career, she dabbled in drawing, notably creating abstract pieces with ink pens. While she has since distanced herself from this form, she holds aspirations to revisit it in the future. Furthermore, Nayko’s study of fashion design has granted her valuable insights into the industry. However, she ultimately found herself disenchanted with the world of high fashion due to its toxic culture. Despite this, she retains a keen interest in fashion photography and anticipates leveraging her design knowledge in future projects.

Future Ambitions: Nina Nayko’s Vision for Videography and Beyond

Nina Nayko often finds it difficult to identify a single piece of artwork that holds particular significance, as she maintains a profound connection with all of her creations. Each piece encapsulates cherished memories, and her preferences can fluctuate according to her mood. This sentiment extends to the works of other artists that Nayko admires; her appreciation is diverse and not easily confined to a single piece.

Looking ahead, Nayko harbors numerous aspirations for future projects. A prominent goal on her horizon involves delving into the world of videography, a medium that offers a wealth of new opportunities for creative expression. To this end, Nayko has her sights set on acquiring a high-quality video camera, which would enable her to explore this medium more extensively. She particularly relishes working on music videos and believes that with better equipment, she can actualize more of her innovative ideas, incorporating live action while continuing to embrace her distinctive photo-animation style.

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